This week at Mawson: 29 September 2006

Construction of new deck at Macey Hut
brought to you by Brett

A team of tradie's headed out to Macey's hut last Saturday afternoon with the intentions of constructing a deck that would enable easier access to the hut. Previously there were two options:

  • take a route via three plank-like timbers over the ravine of despair, or
  • hike through the ravine of despair, feeling something akin to a Nepalese sherpa.

Both routes always reminded me of the show Australia's Funniest Home Video Show, and how I felt that I was going to be a star of an upcoming installment.

The first task was to remove some accumulated unwanted blizz from the site and "ravine of despair", this was undertaken by dieso Will, who, with deft swipes of his trusty D1, obliterated anything resembling a white substance. With Brett barking a myriad of orders (the only comprehensible being "white with two thanks") to the faithful troops and cutting what seemed to be enough timber to build an Ark, the deck was underway.

Tony defiantly held the team together by drilling and fixing any building material that happened to come within arm's reach.

As this hive of construction activity took place, Dominic did what most sensible people would do, kept out of harm's way and video taped as much of the circus-like proceedings as possible.

Sunday afternoon brought about the grand opening of Macey's deck and a lot of gleeful whooping, yeehaaing and general cheering from a rather small but happy crowd.

Now that the dust has settled and the fanfare subsided, even the hardiest of intrepid expeditioners will not have to fear the great "ravine of despair", but just take in its awesome splendors from the towering Macey deck, at a staggering height of one metre, three inches and a little bit!

Hut before construction, with large hole in front of it

Ravine of despair
Photo: Brett Ruffin

Macey Hut Construction Crew pose on new deck

Macey Hut construction crew
Photo: Tony D'Amico

New decking and walkway across the old ravine

Ravine no more
Photo: Brett Ruffin

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