This week at Macquarie Island

  • The Orion

    11 December 2009

    Tourist ship-visits, continuing expeditioner changeover and training, gentoo penguin chicks doing what they do, and more icebergs.

  • View over Buckles Bay

    20 November 2009

    Mild weather, wild weather, iceberg watching, animal surveys and lake sediment sampling.

  • L'Astrolabe docked in Hobart

    4 April 2008

    G'Day to all from Macca. L'Astrolabe – it doesn't look very big! Photo: Barry Re-supply has now been successfully completed for 2008, a few of the highlights; 190000 litres of fuel transferred from ship to shore and not a drop …

  • Spirit of Enderby at anchor off Macquarie Island

    7 March 2008

    March is upon us and it is less than two weeks until l'Astrolabe arrives to commences resupply and to take some of us back to the rat race, so everyone is gearing up for the final dash to the finish …

  • L'Astrolabe during re-fuelling operation at Macquarie Island

    11 April 2008

    The new winterers have settled in, the L'Astrolabe has headed back to Hobart which has left the station a bit quieter than the re-supply period but everyone is looking forward to a great year on Macca. L'Astrolabe during re-fuelling A …

  • Rabbit damage to vegetation on Macquarie Island

    23 May 2008

    What's been happening at Macca for the past week or so? The Rangers, Ian and Ali D, have been continuing a circumnavigation of the island, on the way they are checking bird sites and also taking thousands of photos. The …

  • Macquarie Island Science Team

    29 February 2008

    All the best from Macca as we progress from a busy but productive & satisfying summer to the RTA phase of our seasonal calendar. The last week saw our demographics change once again with the arrival of the Marina Svetaeva. …

  • Expeditioners undertaking fire training

    9 May 2008

    Its been a busy week at Macca, with lots of training going on. Friday saw fire chief Albie organising fire training with practice in salt water pumping should our water supply from the dam freeze. Salt Water Pumping Photo: Eve …

  • Panorama of lake and hills covered in ice.

    2 May 2008

    Much has been happening at Macca since we were last heard from. The weather has been highly variable, with the first snow in Market Square letting us know Winter is definitely here. Island Lake Track Panorama Photo: Eve Team rangers …

  • Expeditioner taking rest during trip studying Albatross nestings

    8 February 2008

    With the beautiful weather we have been having of late there is activity every where. Firstly we will look at what the summer science people are up to. Nick and Sarah are busy wandering to all parts of the island …

  • Human impact team collecting soil sample near Macquarie Island fuel farm

    25 January 2008

    The Macca summer science program is in full swing with the recent arrival of the human impact team (IHAT). Making use of the fantastic weather, Greg, Susan, Jane, Erika and Andrew plant themselves in front of the Macca fuel farm …

  • Expeditioners on beach awaiting new arrivals

    18 January 2008

    Nine expeditioners finally set foot on Macquarie Island after a three day voyage from Hobart on the tourist ship, Marina Cveteava. A welcoming party eagerly awaited their zodiac arrival from the ship in the chilly wind at Buckles Bay. To …

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