This week at Macquarie Island

  • A growing harem of elephant seals

    25 September 2009

    It's been another busy week on Macca with trips out, work programs continuing and wildlife abounding on the great green sponge. The elephant seals are gathering in large numbers with harems beginning to form and more pups being born … …

  • Two plumbers standing on the side of a damn, inspecting

    18 September 2009

    Another week has gone by, here on Macca, and the wildlife are still pouring in for the breeding season. A few more elephant seal pups have popped up around the isthmus, reminding the expeditioners here what an amazing place this …

  • Preparing inflatable rubber boats

    18 December 2009

    Good weather allows some boating, Christmas preparations in progress, icebergs continue to capture media attention, killer whales and a very unusual birthday cake.

  • Macquarie Island Expeditioners recladding the Stations' Main Store building

    14 November 2008

    This Summer's major project, the removal of asbestos sheeting and recladding of the store, is well underway. Steve, Cliff, Pete, Alex and Garnet, with help from Geoff, Pedro, Alby and Tim have been working hard to get as much done …

  • Spirit of Enderby at anchor off Macquarie Island

    7 March 2008

    March is upon us and it is less than two weeks until l'Astrolabe arrives to commences resupply and to take some of us back to the rat race, so everyone is gearing up for the final dash to the finish …

  • Macquarie Island Science Team

    29 February 2008

    All the best from Macca as we progress from a busy but productive & satisfying summer to the RTA phase of our seasonal calendar. The last week saw our demographics change once again with the arrival of the Marina Svetaeva. …

  • L'Astrolabe docked in Hobart

    4 April 2008

    G'Day to all from Macca. L'Astrolabe – it doesn't look very big! Photo: Barry Re-supply has now been successfully completed for 2008, a few of the highlights; 190000 litres of fuel transferred from ship to shore and not a drop …

  • Panorama of lake and hills covered in ice.

    2 May 2008

    Much has been happening at Macca since we were last heard from. The weather has been highly variable, with the first snow in Market Square letting us know Winter is definitely here. Island Lake Track Panorama Photo: Eve Team rangers …

  • Expeditioners undertaking fire training

    9 May 2008

    Its been a busy week at Macca, with lots of training going on. Friday saw fire chief Albie organising fire training with practice in salt water pumping should our water supply from the dam freeze. Salt Water Pumping Photo: Eve …

  • Birthday cake in shape of field hut at Hurd Point, Macquarie Island

    22 February 2008

    A birthday week saw everybody back on station for Nick's birthday celebration on Saturday night. Starting with one of Michelle's magnificent feasts, including a Birthday cake replica of the Hurd Point Hut. The theme for the night was *Celebrity*. The …

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