This week at Macquarie Island

  • Aurora Australis, L'Astrolabe and a LARC in Buckles Bay Macquarie Island

    28 May 2010

    It has certainly been a historic week at Macquarie Island. As far as anyone can remember or work out, this is the first time there have been two ships in Buckles Bay since the nineteenth century. And over the same …

  • Macquarie Island Expeditioner checking on bacteria used in oil spill remediation

    21 May 2010

    This week's Macca news comes to you from the combined talents of the meteorology team Greg, Melissa and Will. The care and feeding of microbes is a full time job for resident scientist Tom. These little critters are being encouraged …

  • Damaged fence

    14 May 2010

    Wildlife proof fencing, cliff rescue exercise, flu vaccinations and darts.

  • Expeditioner looking out across the bay

    7 May 2010

    Work progresses well in the lead up to the arrival of two ships: concrete pouring, pest eradication and communications technology.

  • Macquarie Island expeditioners raising the flags at dawn service

    30 April 2010

    One thing we have an abundance of on Macca is wind. This week saw the installation of the new axial wind turbine on Mt Elder to run the radio repeater.

  • The fire team making their way back to the fire hut

    23 April 2010

    The pest eradication crew continued to construct four helicopter landing pads for the baiting period commencing in May.

  • Station boats at Landing Beach, Macquarie Island

    16 April 2010

    Scientists Roger and Lars were delighted to have obtained a 3.5 metre core of peat which they believed would allow them to measure cosmic dust inputs to the Earth's atmosphere over a period of at least ten thousand years.

  • 9 April 2010

    With resupply in full swing – no news from Macca this week …

  • Macquarie Island expeditioner with packed tractor

    26 March 2010

    Ben and Jess have returned from their last field trip, resurveying and photographing Azorella growth to measure its dieback. They also collected seeds for propagation and further study in Tasmania while Macca put on a couple of snowy days to remind them that winter is on the way.

  • Worms on Macquarie Island

    19 March 2010

    TASPAWs staff are taking photos of coastal slopes and terraces to map the extent and severity of rabbit grazing damage on an island-wide scale. Comparison between photos from 1978 and 2010 shows a dramatic difference.

  • Walls and floor of the old EPH

    12 March 2010

    One of this season's highlights for the albatross program has been resighting a black-browed albatross at Bird Island just to the north of South Georgia. This bird was banded as a chick here on Macca in 2005.

  • Cage pallets stacked in wharehouse

    5 March 2010

    Last week saw the annual island-wide fur seal census. All fur seals are counted in a single day to monitor recovery of their population since extermination during the sealing era.

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