This week at Macquarie Island

  • Macquarie Island expeditioner with packed tractor

    26 March 2010

    Ben and Jess have returned from their last field trip, resurveying and photographing Azorella growth to measure its dieback. They also collected seeds for propagation and further study in Tasmania while Macca put on a couple of snowy days to remind them that winter is on the way.

  • Worms on Macquarie Island

    19 March 2010

    TASPAWs staff are taking photos of coastal slopes and terraces to map the extent and severity of rabbit grazing damage on an island-wide scale. Comparison between photos from 1978 and 2010 shows a dramatic difference.

  • Walls and floor of the old EPH

    12 March 2010

    One of this season's highlights for the albatross program has been resighting a black-browed albatross at Bird Island just to the north of South Georgia. This bird was banded as a chick here on Macca in 2005.

  • Cage pallets stacked in wharehouse

    5 March 2010

    Last week saw the annual island-wide fur seal census. All fur seals are counted in a single day to monitor recovery of their population since extermination during the sealing era.

  • Rocky beach, mountains and wild ocean

    26 February 2010

    Constant strong westerlies turned Hasselborough Bay into a boiling cauldron of grey and white with massive waves shuddering ashore and buildings creaking and groaning with the buffeting. Thank goodness the buildings were designed with this type of weather in mind.

  • King penguins at Macquarie Island

    19 February 2010

    Plenty of fun, work and of course the ever-present wildlife including an unusual black-breasted king penguin.

  • Spirit of Enderby anchored offshore in the mists of Macquarie Island

    12 February 2010

    The last of the season's tourists enjoy Macca with scones, wildlife at beautiful Green Gorge, scientific surveys of fur seals and rabbit-damaged vegetation, monitoring radioactivity, and stunning underwater photos of diving king penguins.

  • Birthday celebrations at Macca

    5 February 2010

    Boating, birthdays, a spot of polish, and more preparations for the upcoming rat, rabbit and mouse eradication program

  • Macquarie Island expeditioners recall sealing history

    16 July 2010

    This week we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the island`s discovery. This week we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the island`s discovery. …

  • Macca expeditioners gather before a field trip

    29 January 2010

    Field training and unusual Australia Day celebrations.

  • Macquarie Island expeditioners board inflatable rubber boat

    22 January 2010

    Comings and goings on tourist ships, powerhouse upgrade, plant science and testing the amphibious vehicle.

  • The nuggets

    15 January 2010

    Summer at Macca - warm weather, fur seal pup census and meeting Dr Karl

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