This week at Macquarie Island

  • Cameron and Dave in the southern block

    28 September 2012 Single page view

    At Macca, baby birds and seals begin to appear and there is the usual array of stunning photos to peruse.

  • A cold day on Macca - icicles hang from the landscape

    21 September 2012 Single page view

    A tour through Hurd Point hut, wildlife gradually returns, surgical assistant training, a look back at 1984 and much more from Macca.

  • Yawning bull elephant seal

    14 September 2012 Single page view

    Plumbing in the subantarctic, travels of the MIPEP team, stunning landscape photos and the daily life of seals and petrels plus more from Macquarie Island.

  • Dana at Davis Point

    7 September 2012 Single page view

    This week meet the largest penguins ever spotted on Macca, see the cutest seal photobomb and enjoy all the regular stories as well as the stunning wildlife and landscape photos.

  • Elephant seal and sea lion

    31 August 2012 Single page view

    A pesky sea lion irritates the huge elephant seals in an adorable way and the usual reports are included in Macca's news this week.

  • Close up of bright green vegetation on Macca

    24 August 2012 Single page view

    This week at Macquarie Island: MIPEP 'mail', a special ANARE hut relic, wandering albatross, a search and rescue drill, a huge living road block, jolly to Lusitania Bay, Ralph the sea lion makes another appearance and there are more gorgeous wildlife and landscape photos to behold.

  • Ele seal face up close - black and white

    17 August 2012 Single page view

    Picture after picture of wonder, wildlife and fairy tale landscapes, a kitchen reno and the usual updates, this week from Macca.

  • King penguins at Gadgets Gully

    10 August 2012 Single page view

    The MIPEP team hits the road again, a meteorological impediment and a kitchen reno in the subantarctic are all hot topics this week at Macca.

  • Angle rays

    3 August 2012 Single page view

    Macca's hunters return, expeditioners delicately install a window and there's a visit from Ralph, the Hooker seal.

  • Seal poking its head out from behind rocks to see what is going on

    27 July 2012 Single page view

    Macquarie Island's rich, diverse flora and fauna (including the human and canine variety) prove stunning subjects for photos. Auroras, sunsets, penguins, a cheeky seal and much more on offer this week.

  • King penguins enjoying a sunset

    20 July 2012 Single page view

    Macca updates you on all the usual goings on including, as always, unique and breathtaking images.

  • Terrier dog close up photo

    13 July 2012 Single page view

    Macca has the usual reports and stunning photos as well as a new article that gives you a peek at station life in the past.

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