This week at Macquarie Island

  • Sunset at Mawson Point on the west coast

    28 January 2011 Single page view

    Tourist ship visit and personnel movements, Australia Day celebrations, trip to Hurd Point, new helipad and other work on station.

  • Tourists with penguins in foreground and ship in background.

    21 January 2011 Single page view

    An amazing discovery, tourists aplenty, baby penguins & an unusual party venue.

  • King penguins

    14 January 2011 Single page view

    After having everyone back on station to celebrate and relax over the Christmas-New Year period, Macca people are back into their work routines.

  • Native snail on fingertip

    30 December 2010 Single page view

    Our families and friends will be happy to know that Christmas was celebrated in excellent style by our very happy Macquarie Island station community.

  • Light mantled sooty albatross on nest amongst Stilbocarpa “cabbage” plants

    24 December 2010 Single page view

    In the lead up to Christmas we've seen the initial startup of the new generators, welcomed some new arrivals at the station, and the Albatross Program is in full swing.

  • Anemone

    17 December 2010 Single page view

    Stunning rock pool photos, unusually strong winds, the arrival of the tourist ship Orion and the nearly completed installation of new generators have made for an interesting week at Macca.

  • Zodiac IRB landing at Hurd Point on the south coast of the island

    10 December 2010 Single page view

    Tourist season, circumnavigation of Macquarie Island in IRBs, other work (maintenance, seal biology, bait pods, hairdressing), weather stuff (anemometers and balloons) and an extreme sports party night.

  • An elephant seal family with a late season pup, remnant of  the big breeding harems of last month

    3 December 2010 Single page view

    Radiation detecting equipment installed, remediation of old contaminated soils, Other projects and wildlife.

  • Expeditioner leaning into the wind

    26 November 2010 Single page view

    Encountering orcas on the way to Sandy Bay: our daily "in your face"ť exposure to the fascinating wildlife here continues to delight us all.

  • Expeditioners departing for Spirit of Enderby

    19 November 2010 Single page view

    Macquarie Island received the first of some 10 tourist ship visits scheduled for this summer. The female Antarctic, Sub-Antarctic, and New Zealand fur seals are coming ashore to give birth to their pups. Work continues on the new main power house.

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