This week at Macquarie Island

  • Royal penguin with chick

    8 January 2010

    A busy festive season - Christmas, New Year's, frisbee championships, science surveys of penguins, flying birds, rabbits, plants and the Orion (tourist ship) visits.

  • Unnamed lake near Mt Elder on Macquarie Island

    15 May 2009

    Greetings from the Green Sponge! A full week of work and training, keeping everyone busy. Un-named lake near Mt Elder – suggest Lake Lloyd Photo: Lloyd We ran a search and rescue exercise involving PIRB (Position Indicating Radio Beacon) tracking. …

  • Macquarie Island snowman

    19 June 2009

    The man himself Photo: Julie This weeks news is bought to you by the incredible weather we have had over the last week. Just when you thought the Island couldn't get any better you get snow. The Island has …

  • Macquarie Island Film Director

    5 June 2009

    The station has been buzzing this week with the start of filming for the Macca entry in the Mid-winter video competition. The content of the production is a tightly kept secret at this stage so I can't give too much …

  • Rusting trypots lying in deep moss beds at Macquarie Island Station

    29 May 2009

    For those of you who don't know what the Station at Macquarie Island looks like, let's have a brief photographic guided tour of some of its features:- Historic memorabilia form the early 1800's lies within metres of the work areas …

  • Group of 8 expeditioners in swimming gear

    26 June 2009

    This week saw the Mid winter celebrations at Macca. It is a long standing tradition amongst all Antarctic stations to celebrate the shortest day of the year. From now on, the days will get longer and, hopefully, warmer. The day …

  • Toy soldier found washed up at Bauer Bay on Macquarie Island collected as part of marine debris

    3 July 2009

    Over the last week many of the crew have jumped at taking an opportunity to get out into the field. With the station returning to normal following our mid winters celebrations (and the winning of the short movie award), a …

  • Trivia night on Macquarie Island

    24 July 2009

    This weeks' news from the 'White, Frozen Solid Place' (previously know as The Green Sponge) Trivia night Photo: Lloyd F We bring you trivia. On Friday, we had ourselves a Trivia Night. Which of the following statements is correct? The …

  • Macquarie Island Chef playing badminton

    17 July 2009

    While down here during winter it is amazing just how much you can learn about others – how two very different people can work together quite well, or how some people get excited about things that others find dull and …

  • Marine beacon found washed up in Langdon Bay on Macquarie Island

    10 July 2009

    While conducting the monthly bird surveys Dave and Sarah came across a marine beacon, which had been washed ashore in Langdon Bay on the west coast. It is thought that the beacon, the base of which stood about 70cm high, …

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