This week at Macquarie Island

  • Aurora to the south of the station, in the shape of a elongated two, with stars seen in the background and the snow tipped escarpment silhouetted. The science building can be seen illuminated by a light from another building

    30 August 2013 Single page view

    Ange and Leona at Winy Ridge for the week. Macca Gallery for this week.

  • A photo taken underwater somewhere in the south of the island. It shows red coloured kelp clinging to a pink coloured rock face

    23 August 2013 Single page view

    Clive and Josh head south, Craig explores the southern parts of the east coast and more amazing photos in the Macca Gallery

  • One of the rat dogs (terrier) looking decidedly uncomfortable and cold as he is has snow and ice sticking to his short fur. At least he is wearing a green high visibility vest

    16 August 2013 Single page view

    Winter repairs for comms. Ele seal fence at Green Gorge and this week's Macca Gallery.

  • Green Gorge chalet covered in heavy, deep snow

    9 August 2013 Single page view

    Dave's Birthday, A deep freeze in late July followed by some beautiful contrasting images of winter.

  • Flax and Finn, both with their snouts into a steel bowl, share a drink after a hard day of supervising

    2 August 2013 Single page view

    Ange's Archeological Dig. World Environment Day - marine debris clean up and some beautiful pictures in the Macca Gallery

  • Sunset from West Beach 2. The orange coloured sky and clouds with the orb of the sun just above the horizon provide a silhouette of birds on a rock stack

    26 July 2013 Single page view

    Aaron goes out rangering. MIPEP goes west and reflections and sunsets in the Macca Gallery

  • Aaron leaning into the wind alongside Razorback Ridge. He is holding a hand held anemometer and is at an angle of about 30 degrees to the vertical

    19 July 2013 Single page view

    The water supply is fixed. The fabulous weather at Macca. Some great pictures in the Macca Gallery.

  • Nick, Angela and Billy - the MIPEP artists who revamped the gate. They are standing behind the gate, with the artwork of the central panel in front of them

    12 July 2013 Single page view

    MIPEP's Mike and Tom tell us of their time in the field. The main Macca gate is revamped. A big scale SAR exercise takes place. Some beautiful winter scenery in the Macca Gallery.

  • A beautiful display - a small wheel barrow (made of biscuit) filled with and surrounded by a variety of sweets and truffles.

    5 July 2013 Single page view

    Midwinter part 2: Tug-of-war rivalry between the ANZAC's. Fantastic food and we are entertained by the traditional Cinderella play.

  • Angel Newport (dressed in a fairy skirt and wearing spiky, green and yellow wig) with her sleek racing machine Cody

    28 June 2013 Single page view

    Part 1 of midwinters celebrations at Macquarie Island include haggis throwing and the annual dog race.

  • Mark in a his dry suit sitting with the water behind him and a rainbow in the background

    21 June 2013 Single page view

    Midwinters is on the way and Macca is preparing something big. The ballon release shed gets new doors. Finally some nice photos to finish.

  • Craig, standing in front of the dart board. He is holding his three darts and has 'POWER' written on his arm.

    14 June 2013 Single page view

    Darts champions of the Antarctic and a report from Josh and Aaron who are back out in the field, from Macca.

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