This week at Macquarie Island

  • Rangering on Macca means you get to see some amazing scenery - Chris standing in some short grass with the ocean, coastal plain and step slopes in the background

    12 April 2013 Single page view

    Chris, the TASPWS Ranger, gives us a heads up on the Macca bird count. We also conduct vital search and rescue plus firefighting training. The MIPEP team report on their weekly walking.

  • A penguin colony made up of thousands of penguins living on Macquarie island mountain range

    5 April 2013 Single page view

    The MIPEP team are back on station and have written up reports on their walking adventures plus we celebrate Easter Macca style.

  • During Earth Hour - a close up of Aaron, wearing a head torch, strumming away on his guitar

    29 March 2013 Single page view

    Mexican and Chilean culture influences Saturday night dinner, the station celebrates Earth Hour and Met Day, Ranger Chris reports and much more from Macca.

  • Aurora australis or southern lights, appearing like a greenish silk curtain, as seen from the Ham hut looking southeast over Buckles Bay

    22 March 2013 Single page view

    Our first week at Macca we settle in and prepare for the next 12 months plus share our lives in photos including some of the beautiful sights of Macquarie Island.

  • A green hose stretching spanning an 800 metre distance across water to an orange ship

    15 March 2013 Single page view

    This week was exceptionally busy as we transfered the fuel from the ship and then resupplied the field huts by helicopter. Everything went according to plan and handover on Saturday night went very smoothly with Narelle handing over the station leader reigns to Mark.

  • Elephant seals and helicopters in the back ground

    8 March 2013 Single page view

    Macquarie Island is the last station to undergo resupply before the winter season commences. We say goodbye to the summer crew, welcome the winterers and resupply the station and huts.

  • Beach, ocean and rocks

    1 March 2013 Single page view

    Preparations continue for the ship’s arrival. Spectacular landscape and wildlife photos from the field…

  • Penguin moulting looks like he has a brown beard

    22 February 2013 Single page view

    As Macquarie Island prepares for resupply, the island is abuzz with activity. A bearded penguin is spotted.

  • Bright orange and red colours in the sky, reflection or red on lake

    15 February 2013 Single page view

    An update on all projects from Macquarie Island.

  • Small thorny red plant

    8 February 2013 Single page view

    Australia and Waitangi Day celebrated in style plus much more this week from Macquarie Island.

  • Close up photo of top half of king penguin with ocean in background

    1 February 2013 Single page view

    The MIPEP hunters review December in pics, the life of the island's penguins is examined, science, exploration, more birds, wildlife and incredible landscapes all from Macca.

  • Expeditioner standing on a rocky ledge high up, ocean in background

    25 January 2013 Single page view

    MIPEP update, bird poo DNA - what it can tell us and much more on work and play at Macquarie Island.

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