This week at Macquarie Island

  • Nick, Angela and Billy - the MIPEP artists who revamped the gate. They are standing behind the gate, with the artwork of the central panel in front of them

    12 July 2013 Single page view

    MIPEP's Mike and Tom tell us of their time in the field. The main Macca gate is revamped. A big scale SAR exercise takes place. Some beautiful winter scenery in the Macca Gallery.

  • A beautiful display - a small wheel barrow (made of biscuit) filled with and surrounded by a variety of sweets and truffles.

    5 July 2013 Single page view

    Midwinter part 2: Tug-of-war rivalry between the ANZAC's. Fantastic food and we are entertained by the traditional Cinderella play.

  • Angel Newport (dressed in a fairy skirt and wearing spiky, green and yellow wig) with her sleek racing machine Cody

    28 June 2013 Single page view

    Part 1 of midwinters celebrations at Macquarie Island include haggis throwing and the annual dog race.

  • Mark in a his dry suit sitting with the water behind him and a rainbow in the background

    21 June 2013 Single page view

    Midwinters is on the way and Macca is preparing something big. The ballon release shed gets new doors. Finally some nice photos to finish.

  • Craig, standing in front of the dart board. He is holding his three darts and has 'POWER' written on his arm.

    14 June 2013 Single page view

    Darts champions of the Antarctic and a report from Josh and Aaron who are back out in the field, from Macca.

  • View of the "boiling" rough seas around Davis Point

    7 June 2013 Single page view

    Patty's journey. We hear from Leona and Ange about life in the deep south. We celebrate an evening in the outback and wish Billy a Happy Birthday.

  • A close up of a young elephant seal, lying on the snow, with what appears to be a smile on its face

    31 May 2013 Single page view

    At Macquarie Island, a walking track is given an update and BOM meteorologist Barry Becker provides details on the first winter blast.

  • Patty holding tomatoes close to her face and pointing at the tomatoes while she holds a pollinating brush

    24 May 2013 Single page view

    We celebrate Craig's birthday, visit to the inner sanctum of hydroponics, get a MIPEP perspective and we boat southward towards Mt Jeffryes.

  • All the crew behind the bar that is decorated in the Norwich city football logo and green and yellow letters that say happy birthday

    17 May 2013 Single page view

    Chris and Patty take on heritage recovery excavation this week at Macca. There were also a couple of special birthdays and we watch a gripping FA Cup final.

  • Green tinged aurora in the western sky, with the island hills silhouetted and the greenish reflection ioff the low clouds and the waters of Hasselborough Bay

    10 May 2013 Single page view

    This week at Macca, stunning photos, a trip to North Head and ranger aerobics!

  • Leona Patty and John dressed up standing at the table looking at the Eifel Tower

    3 May 2013 Single page view

    The Australia vs NZ challenge is on. Ranger and tradies also join forces in the field.

  • The team at dawn service on the isthmus

    26 April 2013 Single page view

    This week Chris journeys south, Aaron takes us on the water for boating induction, the doc has a birthday and ANZAC Day is commemorated.

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