This week at Macquarie Island

31 January 2014 All on one page
Aurora Point: Kate checking the GPS amidst a field of colobanthus (cushion plant). The scene shows signs of the devastation caused by the rabbits Clive tells us about volunteering with the TASPAWS northern giant petrel survey on the west coast. We celebrate Australia Day and so many Birthdays. The Macca Gallery this week features some beautiful images of clouds, wildlife and scenery.

24 January 2014 All on one page
A large male elephant seal having a stretch and a yawn. Its flipper is outstretched and its mouth is wide open Laura tells us about the weed 'wintergrass' infestation on Macquarie Island and this weeks Macca Gallery has images of wildlife from around the island.

17 January 2014 All on one page
Two royal penguins with different facial colouring We take you on a walk in the west with a volunteer's perspective. Jenny and Mike are here for the summer studying the changes to the island after the pest eradication. This weeks Macca Gallery brings you images of the amazing scenery and wildlife from both the west and east of the island.

10 January 2014 All on one page
A close up of the head of a Macquarie Island shag, showing the vivid blue colouring of its eye Our Christmas and New Year Celebrations. We have a short piece on summer science - team Ecotox. The first Macca Gallery after the Chritmas break.

20 December 2013 All on one page
Another comes up for air. The image captures the front of the orca partially above the water, with moist air coming out of the blow hole and water splashing ahead Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone. Steve reminisces on his 600+ days on Macquarie Island. Aurora Australis V2/3 Summer Insertion. We see some amazing images of orcas in Garden Cove.

13 December 2013 All on one page
Gentoo penguin family, consisting of an adult and twin chicks, near the machinery shed Thanks from Nat and the RTBG (Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens). Dean removes fishing line entangled around a fur seal. Macca Gallery includes images from around the station.

6 December 2013 All on one page
Grand hairdo! Close-up of  the head of a king penguin chick that is becoming an adult. It has the adult bright yellow colouring and also some remnant brown downy feathers Billy tells us of his experience with the first cruise ship. How much rope?

29 November 2013 All on one page
Four gentoo chicks dozing in the sun. They all have their eyes closed and three are standing, though they are slumped with the remaining chick lying on his belly Life of an elephant seal and penguins galore!

22 November 2013 All on one page
What do I do now?? A elephant seal weaner has trouble as it tries to climb over the second railing of the stations perimeter fence The albatross girls talk about their last weeks in the field. Special Secluded Bay. This weeks Macca Gallery features images from all over the island.

15 November 2013 All on one page
The gentoo chicks are getting bigger - Amongsnt the tussock near the Science building - a adult with a large chick in front with its smaller twin alongside Natalie talks about the progress of her project on the Azorella seed orchard. Ingrid enlightens us on the fuel spill remediation project. This weeks Macca Gallery features wildlife and a trip to Secluded Bay

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