This week at Macquarie Island

  • Grand hairdo! Close-up of  the head of a king penguin chick that is becoming an adult. It has the adult bright yellow colouring and also some remnant brown downy feathers

    6 December 2013 Single page view

    Billy tells us of his experience with the first cruise ship. How much rope?

  • Four gentoo chicks dozing in the sun. They all have their eyes closed and three are standing, though they are slumped with the remaining chick lying on his belly

    29 November 2013 Single page view

    Life of an elephant seal and penguins galore!

  • What do I do now?? A elephant seal weaner has trouble as it tries to climb over the second railing of the stations perimeter fence

    22 November 2013 Single page view

    The albatross girls talk about their last weeks in the field. Special Secluded Bay. This weeks Macca Gallery features images from all over the island.

  • The gentoo chicks are getting bigger - Amongsnt the tussock near the Science building - a adult with a large chick in front with its smaller twin alongside

    15 November 2013 Single page view

    Natalie talks about the progress of her project on the Azorella seed orchard. Ingrid enlightens us on the fuel spill remediation project. This weeks Macca Gallery features wildlife and a trip to Secluded Bay

  • Dominic setting the ropes across the lake from our small inflatable dingy to provide a stable coring platform to work from

    8 November 2013 Single page view

    Three members from BAS (British Antarctic Survey) arrived on L'Astrolabe, and they tell us about their study of lake bed sediment. The Macca Gallery shows us more fantastic images from around station and the island

  • Multi national arrival of L'Astrolabe. Five flag poles are adorned with flags from 5 different nations, representing the nationalities (UK, Germany, Australia, France and New Zealand) of the incoming expeditioners. and L'astrolabe

    1 November 2013 Single page view

    Dana tells us about L'Astrolabe journey and arrival on Macca. Also a variety of photographs in the Macca Gallery

  • This weener found a comfortable position in front of the Workshop. It is lying on a metal grate in front of the doors to the workshop. On the left hand door is a yellow diamond shaped sign that has a picture of a kangaroo and the words "kangaroos Next 25km"

    25 October 2013 Single page view

    The wonder of Hurd Point. Dave shows us the bridge repairs at Green Gorge. The Macca Gallery this week shows images from around station

  • Moulting king - shows the top half of a king penguin which is moulting. It has a 'collar' of white fluffy feathers around its neck

    11 October 2013 Single page view

    Greg's once in a lifetime opportunity. Aaron compares the Macca vision channels of Green Gorge and Hurd Point. The Macca gallery this week has some more pics of the increasing number of seals

  • A lone GP (giant petrel) sits on a mound. It's beak is covered in blood after feeding at the harem on west beach

    4 October 2013 Single page view

    John takes us on a journey to the end of the island. Dave shows us a snap shot of the station. Some great images appear in this weeks Macca Gallery.

  • A couple of Roma tomatoes hanging from a trellis with Aaron proudly looking on in the background

    27 September 2013 Single page view

    A perfect day for boating. Aaron takes us through Macca hydroponics and some more great pictures in the Macca Gallery.

  • A large male elephant seal lying in the shade on the porch of the gas stare. The beautiful vivid blue waters of Buckles Bay are in the background

    20 September 2013 Single page view

    A snowy week for MIPEP. Cake, cake and more cake. Some great picture in this week's Macca Gallery.

  • A small section of beach covered with red bivalve shells - belong to Gaimardia trapesina coccinea, a small mussel species that inhabits the shallow sub tidal zones of Macquarie Island.  These shell deposits were found amongst rocks along the western coastline near Bauer Bay after heavy swells and seas

    13 September 2013 Single page view

    Macquarie Island artefacts. Chris takes us on a king penguin census. There were four seasons in one day and more great images in the Macca Gallery

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