This week at Macquarie Island

  • A large male elephant seal rests his head gently on a female as he gazes at the camera with a pleasant expression

    29 August 2014 Single page view

    The annual animal migration begins with a leopard seal arriving on Macquarie Island. Expeditioners commence LARC training - they're boats, they're trucks, they're both! A cheeky elephant seal or two keep watch over a new machinery shed, and the inter-station darts tournament heats up with bullseyes!

  • Scotty lowering Graeme on the main line

    22 August 2014 Single page view

    The Macca station crew undertook a demanding SAR exercise last weekend involving a difficult technical stretcher lower, with great outcomes.

  • Two Macca expeditioners on the track

    15 August 2014 Single page view

    Paul and MacGyver's trip to Hurd Point: folding toilet seats, pterodactyls and the 'Green Gorge death march'.

  • Benny at Mt Waite

    8 August 2014 Single page view

    Macquarie Island communications: a trip to the VHF repeater station at Mt Waite plus fresh tech brings the news to expeditioners. There is also a field trip to Eagle Cave.

  • View of Garden Cove from station leader's office in Cumpston's cottage

    1 August 2014 Single page view

    It's been a quiet week on and off station, so this week we will have a look around the station living areas.

  • Mike setting a camera on an active blue petrel burrow

    25 July 2014 Single page view

    A week in the life of a wildlife ranger on Macca.

  • Young fur seal on the beach

    18 July 2014 Single page view

    A walking trip to Hurd Point, Bureau of Meteorology staff commence involvement in an international collaboration project, and the hunt for an entangled fur seal continues.

  • A group of king penguins waddling around at Green Gorge

    11 July 2014 Single page view

    It's time to get fit (though there's still room for pizza!), and enjoy the warmer temperatures and increasing numbers of wildlife at Macca.

  • Expeditioner walking on foggy beach

    4 July 2014 Single page view

    "A Hamper at Handspike": Macca expeditioners combine a picnic with a beach rubbish cleanup.

  • Seated for the evening meal at one long table, surrounded by colourful decorations

    27 June 2014 Single page view

    Midwinters day was celebrated in great style at Macca last weekend! Plenty of pics showcase the swim, dinner and more.

  • Graeme's selfie walking to Pyramid Peak

    20 June 2014 Single page view

    Macca tradies visit Green Gorge hut via boat.

  • Keon, Ian and Greg in the IRB

    13 June 2014 Single page view

    World Environment Day at Macquarie Island, plus boating adventures and rescuing historic artefacts.

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