This week at Macquarie Island

  • TASPAWS wildlife ranger Mike on the beach at Lusitania Bay with king penguins

    24 October 2014 Single page view

    Macquarie Island expeditioners completed the all-island elephant seal population survey count, cameras in hand.

  • An expeditioner at Mt Jeffryes VHF repeater station

    17 October 2014 Single page view

    A trip to the southern end of the island at Hurd Point, and a search and rescue exercise at Macca.

  • Fur seal on rock covered with Colobanthus moss

    10 October 2014 Single page view

    LARC training in preparation for arrival of the first resupply voyage of 2014, visits to Secluded Beach and Sandy Bay, and winter hangs onto the plateau.

  • Close up of bull elephant seal head, mouth open while he calls out

    3 October 2014 Single page view

    Springtime at Macca and the wildlife on the beaches is stunning. There is also a track upgrade and two birthdays!

  • Mum and newborn pup

    26 September 2014 Single page view

    The story of Macca's replica Stay, the plastic labrador which acts as a bit of a station mascot. Seals also return, with the circle of life displayed in pics.

  • Expeditioner and elephant seal

    19 September 2014 Single page view

    Macca crew complete a rare west coast boating trip to Bauer Bay, orcas are spotted and seals just can't stop photobombing!

  • Macca wintering station crew

    12 September 2014 Single page view

    Macca's TASPAWS rangers are conducting their annual northern giant petrel census, and our first baby elephant seal for the year has arrived. Plus a photobomb by a cheeky seal.

  • Ranger Chris sits amongst the mossy rocks of Macquarie Island looking reflective

    5 September 2014 Single page view

    A marine debris clean up along part of the west coast of Macquarie Island was conducted last week, with a surprising find: a message in a bottle!

  • A large male elephant seal rests his head gently on a female as he gazes at the camera with a pleasant expression

    29 August 2014 Single page view

    The annual animal migration begins with a leopard seal arriving on Macquarie Island. Expeditioners commence LARC training - they're boats, they're trucks, they're both! A cheeky elephant seal or two keep watch over a new machinery shed, and the inter-station darts tournament heats up with bullseyes!

  • Scotty lowering Graeme on the main line

    22 August 2014 Single page view

    The Macca station crew undertook a demanding SAR exercise last weekend involving a difficult technical stretcher lower, with great outcomes.

  • Two Macca expeditioners on the track

    15 August 2014 Single page view

    Paul and MacGyver's trip to Hurd Point: folding toilet seats, pterodactyls and the 'Green Gorge death march'.

  • Benny at Mt Waite

    8 August 2014 Single page view

    Macquarie Island communications: a trip to the VHF repeater station at Mt Waite plus fresh tech brings the news to expeditioners. There is also a field trip to Eagle Cave.

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