This week at Macquarie Island

  • King penguins at Sandy Bay with surf in background

    8 June 2012 Single page view

    Surfing, seafood and sorry shirts are on show this week at Macca with a beach party to remember. We also update you on pest eradication and share more wildlife photos.

  • Elephant seal

    1 June 2012 Single page view

    This week's fun entry from Macquarie Island is brought to you by Mel Van Twest and includes stories on work, social activities and more seal pics.

  • Affectionate 'ele' seals

    25 May 2012 Single page view

    Ranger update, medical training, pest eradication, station social activities and even more adorable animal photos this week at Macca!

  • Very young seal on the rocks looking shy

    18 May 2012 Single page view

    This week at Macca, we get some fire training, hunt 'wabbits', provide gratuitous wildlife shots (yes, they are adorable) and finish with an update on day-to-day operations.

  • On the plateau

    11 May 2012 Single page view

    Field 'famil' training, the Macca daily work routine, what we really get up to after hours and of course, some adorable shots of the wildlife.

  • Seals snuggling on the beach

    4 May 2012 Single page view

    The 2012 Macquarie Island team have arrived, bringing supplies.

  • The flags at half mast on Anzac Day

    27 April 2012 Single page view

    Last birthday for the departing team, ANZAC Day, resupply and a warm welcome to the new team.

  • Very cute new seal pup with big black eyes and wet nose.

    20 April 2012 Single page view

    A subantarctic class room, remediation, an Easter holiday and our favorite photos.

  • King Penguins at Lusitania Bay

    13 April 2012 Single page view

    Art, boat trips, ham radio and birthdays

  • King penguin chicks with fluffy down feathers

    30 March 2012 Single page view

    St Patrick's day celebrations, wildlife and more stunning auroras.

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