This week at Macquarie Island

  • The ship with LARC amphibious truck alongside

    4 April 2014 Single page view

    A busy week at Macca with station crew changeover, resupply, and refuelling successfully accomplished using L'Astrolabe: many thanks to captain and crew, voyage staff, refuellers, and boat crews!

  • A self portrait of Jaimie in front of Mt Haswell

    28 March 2014 Single page view

    This week on Macquarie Island preparations are being made for the station resupply, with the arrival of the L'Astrolabe much anticipated. The station is buzzing as expeditioners return from the field and begin the process of packing, cleaning and saying goodbye to their subantarctic second home. This week Clive shares with us a good news story on recycling marine debris and Jaimie and Jenny share with us their experiences as women working on this remote island.

  • Two elephant seal weavers, both looking towards the camera. The one on the left has his head resting on the back of the other. In the back ground is the snow covered slopes of the escarpment

    21 March 2014 Single page view

    This is the final edition from the 66th ANARE Macca crew of 2013/14. Clive updates on a story from the 7th of March: "Mysterious Macca man made trench". We have an intriguing story from the albatross detective. There is also a gallery of the 16 finest pics from the 2013/14 season.

  • Sandy Bay hut with rusted cross support bars on the outside. It sits at the base of the tussock covered slope of the escarpment with hundreds of adult king penguins in front of it

    14 March 2014 Single page view

    From Macca: Jenny has a story of two historic huts on the east coast, Kris (TASPAWS ranger) tells us of some revealing finds from banded birds and Clive has some final words about the marine debris collection.

  • The dreaded 'buzzie'. A close up of a buzzie seed pod - the plant that always sticks to anything. The barbs can be seen on individual stalks

    7 March 2014 Single page view

    Summer scientist Luis, enlightens us on the mosses of Macquarie island. Clive asks the question about the 'Mysterious Macca Man-made Trench near Scoble lake?'. Billy takes us down to the macro level of rocks and mushrooms.

  • Close up of a light mantled sooty albatross as it flys by the Razorback Ridge Lookout

    28 February 2014 Single page view

    We are taken on a circumnavigation of the island. We have a 'late story on all the birthdays in January. The Macca Gallery this week has some more amazing images of wildlife and scenery from around the island

  • Amazing cloud pattern as viewed to the east from Garden Cove. The wave patterned cloud seems to radiate from a point on the distant horizon

    21 February 2014 Single page view

    Laura, a Phd student here for the summer, tells us of her trip down island. Kate takes us on a trip around the island studying the wandering albatross. Clive tells us of the recovery of a large block of styrofoam from the west coast. Macca Gallery features some wonderful images of wildlife, scenery and amazing cloud formations.

  • Pleurophyllum hookeri, also known as the Silver-leaf Daisy in abundance near a small creek somewhere on the plateau

    14 February 2014 Single page view

    Vicki goes on a extended walk. Macca Gallery this week features the amazing flora and fauna of Macquarie Island

  • Great effort Ange. The view is of the New Zealand team with Ange the front person showing concentration and effort in pulling the rope

    7 February 2014 Single page view

    Austangi Day Challenge. Marine debris collection on the West Coast. This weeks Macca Gallery feature s a wide variety picture from four photographers.

  • Aurora Point: Kate checking the GPS amidst a field of colobanthus (cushion plant). The scene shows signs of the devastation caused by the rabbits

    31 January 2014 Single page view

    Clive tells us about volunteering with the TASPAWS northern giant petrel survey on the west coast. We celebrate Australia Day and so many Birthdays. The Macca Gallery this week features some beautiful images of clouds, wildlife and scenery.

  • A large male elephant seal having a stretch and a yawn. Its flipper is outstretched and its mouth is wide open

    24 January 2014 Single page view

    Laura tells us about the weed 'wintergrass' infestation on Macquarie Island and this weeks Macca Gallery has images of wildlife from around the island.

  • Two royal penguins with different facial colouring

    17 January 2014 Single page view

    We take you on a walk in the west with a volunteer's perspective. Jenny and Mike are here for the summer studying the changes to the island after the pest eradication. This weeks Macca Gallery brings you images of the amazing scenery and wildlife from both the west and east of the island.

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