This week at Macquarie Island

  • Antarctic tern in flight, taken from below the bird takes up the whole frame

    27 March 2015 Single page view

    Activities on Macca are revolving around preparations for our coming resupply, so we give you a "Macca photo album" this week.

  • The sun reflects brilliantly off the water at Hurd Point beach which is covered in penguins

    20 March 2015 Single page view

    Walking to Hurd Point can be painful, especially when you're too ambitious! We prepare for our imminent station resupply and changeover in a few weeks by refreshing our emergency training. The famous Macca photo album contains a worm cake. Wait, what?

  • Two Antarctic terns in flight

    13 March 2015 Single page view

    Science projects on Macquarie Island: a study of the impact of contaminated soils on soil organisms. Bonus image gallery!

  • King penguins at Green Gorge investigate the camera equipment

    6 March 2015 Single page view

    Scotty and Joe walk to Hurd Point, TASPAWS rangers thank others on station for helping with their work projects, and an unusual visitor comes to Macca.

  • King penguin feeding chick

    27 February 2015 Single page view

    The breeding cycle of king penguins, and refresher training on station for lay surgical assistants.

  • Rockhopper penguin looking sideways at camera is perched on a rock with ocean in background

    20 February 2015 Single page view

    Macquarie Island expeditioners conduct fire team training, and a vital 'beard test'. Rockhopper penguins feature in this week's photo gallery.

  • A porpoising royal penguin at Hurd Point

    13 February 2015 Single page view

    Bureau of Meteorology expeditioners Evelyn and Sean share pictures of their recent trip to Hurd Point.

  • Two serene black-browed albatross sit on a nest

    6 February 2015 Single page view

    The Macquarie Island albatross and giant petrel programme researchers provide an update on their activities this summer. There is also a Macca photo gallery featuring the redpoll finch.

  • Royal penguins at Bauer Bay show affection by nuzzling beaks

    30 January 2015 Single page view

    Macca received an unusual visiting boat, and Australia Day was celebrated.

  • Ivor cleaning out the dam silt trap

    23 January 2015 Single page view

    Record rainfall at Macquarie Island causes heavy damage to the water supply and some walking tracks.

  • The Macca hydroponics team

    16 January 2015 Single page view

    A trip to band giant petrel chicks, and a new gym at Macca.

  • FTO Ian departing to Spirit of Enderby (on left in boat)

    9 January 2015 Single page view

    Macca expeditioners celebrated Christmas and New Year in fine style on their island home. Tourists, including some very close to our expeditioners, arrive at the island. Kayaking anyone?

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