This week at Macquarie Island

  • Giant petrel in flight

    6 June 2014 Single page view

    A trip across the 'feather bed' to local landmark: Aurora Cave. Fire team training goes well at Macca with a flawless rescue and fire containment.

  • Expeditioner at water tank hut

    30 May 2014 Single page view

    Macquarie Island has experienced its first heavy snowfall for the year. Scott and Mike sort out the Mt Waite repeater.

  • Expeditioner working on track steps

    23 May 2014 Single page view

    Macca's first snowfall for the year, and work continues on and off station.

  • Three expeditioers walking on Macca

    16 May 2014 Single page view

    Search and rescue training and field training at Macquarie Island.

  • Beautiful aurora

    9 May 2014 Single page view

    Unusual weather at Macca with easterly gales and rain, yet impressive vegetation recovery around us.

  • Evening beach scene with penguins on the beach

    2 May 2014 Single page view

    ANZAC day at Macca, rockhopper penguins, and finally some clear aurora australis photos!

  • Three expeditioners pose beside a walking track sign

    25 April 2014 Single page view

    Field training for the recently arrived 2014 crew is proceeding, and various jobs on and off station are being done.

  • THe LARC is seen departing with a load of people

    11 April 2014 Single page view

    With the station resupply, refuelling and changeover completed late last week, the new Macquarie Island station crew is this week settling in to their busy and challenging life on station.

  • The ship with LARC amphibious truck alongside

    4 April 2014 Single page view

    A busy week at Macca with station crew changeover, resupply, and refuelling successfully accomplished using L'Astrolabe: many thanks to captain and crew, voyage staff, refuellers, and boat crews!

  • A self portrait of Jaimie in front of Mt Haswell

    28 March 2014 Single page view

    This week on Macquarie Island preparations are being made for the station resupply, with the arrival of the L'Astrolabe much anticipated. The station is buzzing as expeditioners return from the field and begin the process of packing, cleaning and saying goodbye to their subantarctic second home. This week Clive shares with us a good news story on recycling marine debris and Jaimie and Jenny share with us their experiences as women working on this remote island.

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