This week at Macquarie Island

  • Black furry elephant seal pup with adult seal

    18 September 2015 Single page view

    The first seal pup of the season is here! Expeditioners find some interesting marine debris and the weather finally cooperates for a boating trip and training.

  • Rich in orange hiking jacket with snow falling

    11 September 2015 Single page view

    Celebrations as a long running project is completed in an icy gully, and all eyes on station are watching for the first pup to be born for 2015.

  • Justin, Ben and Dan in party costumes

    4 September 2015 Single page view

    Surf's up! Plus, murder? Expeditioners have a multi-birthday murder mystery party, Hawaiian style. King penguins are counted, the weather is reviewed and the weekly cartoon depicts male elephant seals readying themselves for breeding season.

  • White variation giant petrel

    28 August 2015 Single page view

    Macca shows off with wonderful images, a world record stargazing attempt (kind of) and more.

  • An expeditioner working atop a ladder in Gadgets Gully.

    21 August 2015 Single page view

    New maintenance ladders are installed at Gadgets Gully, some birthdays are celebrated, and a communal jigsaw puzzle is worked on.

  • A leopard seal laying on the beach with its mouth wide open, showing its teeth

    14 August 2015 Single page view

    A darts challenge, some welcome blue skies after a string of cloudy days, and some exciting wildlife visitors.

  • Close up of three Macquarie Island shags, highlighting their very blue eyes

    7 August 2015 Single page view

    The Macca team were kept busy filming for the 48-hour film festival, and are embracing some wild winds and heavy snow falls.

  • Two expeditioners on snowy land wearing goggles

    31 July 2015 Single page view

    Macca expeditioners are hard at work training and repairing communications gear in the field. Dr Marion Davies is also interviewed.

  • Female expeditioner in puffer jacket and jeans poses on an elevated part of Macquarie Island. The ocean is in the background.

    24 July 2015 Single page view

    An update on station activities at Macquarie Island including a search for grey petrel chicks and a chat with one of the rangers, Andrea 'Turbo' Turbett.

  • Anemones in the rockpools

    17 July 2015 Single page view

    A cosy week on station with both work parties and recreational travellers out and about experiencing Macca's snow blanket.

  • Colourful chips of plastic

    10 July 2015 Single page view

    All things marine are the theme of this week's news from Macca.

  • Six male expeditioners help put the floor of a rubber boat in.

    3 July 2015 Single page view

    A wet, wild and windy week here on Macquarie Island.

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