This week at Macquarie Island: 6 December 2019

Reflections on a winter at Macca

A winter of wonders

This week gives us an opportunity to look back on the winter of the 72nd ANARE at Macquarie Island.

As the good ship Aurora Australis makes its way back to Macquarie Island to bring in an eager summer team and to take four wintering expeditioners home, we have a short moment to pause and reflect on our winter at Macca.

Throughout the season, the seven men and seven women in our team have worked together to deliver a successful program of works for the Australian Antarctic Division, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (TasPWS) and the Bureau of Meteorology. We have also supported a program of remote science for Australian and international agencies.

We’ve come together from all over Australia, along with our one Kiwi, to form a caring community, full of support, collaboration and fun.

And we’ve all felt the privilege of living and working on this World Heritage Listed Tasmanian Nature Reserve.

Without a doubt the highlight for most of us this season has been to watch the life cycle of so many species of wildlife – it has been a winter of wonders.

A couple of other season highlights:

  •  We helped Lionel save the Hamshack! Now officially named the Ocean Research Centre for Aquatic Studies (ORCAS)
  • We eradicated the last fluffy (pink) bunny in a tale of Fur-bidden Love for the 48 hour Antarctic film festival

Perhaps my one disappointment is that we haven’t scored 30/30 points in the Saturday brunch super-quiz. C’mon team, there are still a couple of Saturdays left…

Many thanks to Tim, Mark B, Pete, Andrea, Ashleigh, Stella, Mark G, Kate, Shane, Billy, Kez, Doug and Lionel for a great winter at Macca. It’s been a privilege to be part of this team.

Whenever that little red ship arrives on our shores, we look forward to welcoming the summer team and wishing them all the best for a fantastic summer at Macca.

Kat, Station Leader

A team of seven men and seven women sit in the green tussock
The Macca winter team loving the tussock
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
A colourful team of seven men and seven women stand at a look out with an island in the background
The 2019 winter team with a view of the Isthmus and North…
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
Four people stand in costume - 2 are dressed as Rangers, one as a scientist and one as a fluffy bunny
The last eradicated pink bunny
(Photo: Kat Panjari)
a group of people in orange jump suits hold masks in front of their faces
The Lionels
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
A view of the Macquarie island Research station dusted in snow with the plateau in the distance
A winter day at Macca
(Photo: Lionel Whitehorn)
a line up of people in yellow jump suits with face masks stand in front of a gate
The Lionels at the gate saving the Ham Shack
(Photo: Shane Bilston)
Newspaper cutout of super quiz
(Photo: Kat Panjari)