This week at Macquarie Island: 26 April 2019

Hot cross buns and chocolate treats - but not a bunny in sight

Bunny-free Easter

It was a bunny-free Easter at Macquarie Island, due to the successful eradication of all rabbits, rats, mice and cats by the Pest Eradication Program on the island that concluded 5 years ago.

Throughout the season we look forward to showing you how the island flora and fauna has regenerated in the years post-eradication.

To get into the spirit of Easter, some of the team even had a look in the regrown grassy tussocks in search for a bunny.

While the bunny did not hop by, we feasted on the best hot cross buns in the sub-Antarctic and many other Easter treats. During our Easter dinner we kept an eye on the only rabbit left on the island (note: safely tucked away in a glass cabinet) and also enjoyed a surprise delivery of chocolate-filled baskets on Easter Sunday.

We hope all of our loved ones at home enjoyed a lovely Easter as much as we did here at Macca. 

Kat (Station Leader) 

Nine brightly dressed people are standing in the grassy tussocks of Macquarie Island
Looking for a bunny in the grassy tussocks
(Photo: Lionel Whitehorn)
Trays of Easter treats are on display including hot cross buns, cupcakes and chocolate
Best hot cross buns in the sub-Antarctic
(Photo: Lionel Whitehorn)
A group of people sit around a large table with a rabbit in a glass cabinet in front of them
Keeping an eye on the bunny at Easter dinner
(Photo: Doug McVeigh)
A basket of chocolate eggs
Home delivered Easter surprises
(Photo: Kat Panjari)