This week at Macquarie Island: 17 August 2018

This week at Macca we go boating down the east coast and congratulate the island's 2018 Darts Champions

Out on the wet stuff

Last Sunday we were fortunate enough to have a sunny day with low winds and slight seas - a rarity here on Macca!! So we launched the boats to continue resupplying the huts down island.

Jez and Angus were pretty happy about that, as they were both heading down island that day too, and they both got to hitchhike down with us on the boats, instead of walking all that way!

We ducked in to Green Gorge first to drop off some equipment and bid cheerio to Jez for a month.

Then we headed down to Waterfall Bay to drop off the full supply of food for the year. We unloaded the gear at the beach, but due to a wee bit of swell the boat team couldn’t stick around long to help carry it to the hut, which is about 500 metres from the beach landing. Fortunately, Angus was staying at that hut and managed to cart the whole load up himself.

He had originally been grateful to get a ride down on the boat to save him hiking there… but after he spent a whole afternoon carrying ALL the supplies solo with wet feet, the rest of us at station are now far more grateful to him for his efforts!!

a view looking south to the Nuggets from one of the Macquarie Island IRBs (inflatable rubber boats with  competent crew Greg's head in the foreground
And we're off!! Heading south towards the Nuggets
(Photo: Jez Bird)
A view from one IRB on the water to another while heading south to Waterfall Bay on Macquarie Island. Rchard Youd is visible in one boat and Greg, Jez and Danielle are visible in the other.
Rich in one boat; Jez,Greg and Danielle in the second boat
(Photo: Chris Burns)
Angus Cummings, Richard Youd and Chris Burns in an IRB heading south along Macquarie Islands east coast in the back ground
Angus, Rich and Chris B heading down the sunny east coast
(Photo: Jez Bird)
A view of Red River Falls taken from the sea
Red River Falls
(Photo: Chris Burns)
Greg Sandrey with the supplies put ashore near Waterfall Bay hut
Greg unloading Waterfall Bay supplies
(Photo: Chris Burns)
Waterfall Bay and Waterfall Bay hut taken from an IRB on the sea
Waterfall Bay and Waterfall Bay hut
(Photo: Chris Burns)
 Danielle, Chris H, Tim, Rich and Chris B stop in the IRBs off the coast for a cuppa after resupplying the huts on Macquarie Island
Smoko on the high seas - Danielle, Chris H, Tim, Rich and…
(Photo: Greg Sandrey)
An IRB heading back to Macquarie Island station after resupplying some of the east coast huts
Heading home from Waterfall Bay
(Photo: Greg Sandrey)

Macca Darts Competition Finals

These past few weeks Macquarie Island has been warming up for the annual intra-continental darts competition by holding their own station darts competition. An intense and focused competition of both a singles darts draw and a doubles darts draw playing the illustrious game of ‘Shang’.

So there it was, after some hits and a few misses in the early rounds last Saturday saw the culmination of both the finals in singles and doubles played before a keen station audience. The curtain raiser for the bigger event was the singles final, being played by Greg and Tim with a best out of three game format. Both players were a touch nervous given the occasion with some early stray throws by both. It soon became neck and neck though as the players settled in, the game was close but Tim was able to sneak in with a win for game 1. The second match saw a similar pattern with both players throwing some nice arrows, in particular Greg with 'Champagne Darts' Shang that earned him a handy 100 points and a bed. This made things very tight. Was there going to be third game decider? Unfortunately not as Tim was able to hold on and take out the singles darts title with a win in the second game.

After a short drinks break and a breakdown discussion of the singles final. It was time for the main event the doubles darts final. This was to be played out by Chris and Pete against Rich and Greg (Greg had a busy afternoon). Both teams proving too good for the rest as they met in the final to also play a best of three game format.

With a handy start it was team P&C scoring closest to bull and first blood on the board. Team R&G making up for not starting first with a tidy close out of bulls first up.

So the arm wrestle continued for the rest of the game, of which it was a very close affair, with tactics and strategy coming out to play teams choosing whether to close out numbers or score the points.

Team R&G though prevailed with some sharp darts and big points to take out the first game. The second match had the crowd buzzing, with Team P&C getting the upper hand with some finely pointed throws, Pete and Chris were showing good composure and sharp eyes to storm home and take the second match. This resulted in a winner take all third match decider. It was on, the excitement at the bar was sizzling. The crowd weren’t disappointed at all, the third match had it all, twists and turns, points over closing out, scoring on bulls to peg back a 78 point lead. Bringing the match to the ultimate finish of one dart from either team to take the Doubles title. Pheww! It was intense indeed.

So it was with Greg unlucky in the singles but victorious in the doubles as he landed the killer dart and cemented Team R&G’s victory over Pete and Chris in the final match to take out the Macquarie Island Doubles Darts Championship for 2018.

Congratulations to both teams for making the final and big congratulations to Rich and Greg for taking out the title well done.

Now the Island is looking forward to playing against the continental stations in the upcoming tournament, it is going to be a hoot.

Peter scoring at darts to win the Singles final in the recent Macca Darts Competition
Peter scoring for the Singles final
(Photo: Cathryn O'Sullivan)
An excellent darts throw in the recent Macca Darts Competition
Champagne Darts!
(Photo: Cathryn O'Sullivan)
Tim Kerr shaking hands with Peter after winning the Singles final in the Macca Darts Competition
Tim wins the Singles final
(Photo: Cathryn O'Sullivan)
Angus with apron and rubber gloves watching the darts competition at Macca
Slushy Angus cheering from the sideline
Chris Burns throwing a dart
Chris B in flight
(Photo: Cathryn O'Sullivan)
Greg Sandrey throwing a dart
Greg in action
(Photo: Cathryn O'Sullivan)
Greg Sandrey celebrating his win in the Macca darts competition
Greg celebrating his win
(Photo: Cathryn O'Sullivan)
Peter, Rich, Chris B and Greg shaking hands after deciding the Doubles Darts winners
Congratulations all round
(Photo: Cathryn O'Sullivan)
Rich and Greg with their trophy after winning the Macca Darts Doubles competition
Rich and Greg - Doubles winners
(Photo: Cathryn O'Sullivan)