This week at Macquarie Island: 4 August 2017

Last week, Macca had an epic week of snowfall and it's captured here across 10 amazing photographs.

The big Macca snowfall: 24-27 July 2017

Over the last week Macquarie Island station turned into a winter wonderland!

With four days of continuous heavy snowfall, both the station isthmus and field huts were blanketed in deep snow, ranging from ankle to hip deep in places!

The large snowfalls were coupled with multiple days of sub–zero temperatures, causing a few days of water restrictions due to freezing of our station water pipes. In addition, our field operations were slightly curtailed due to the deep snow cover on the plateau.

Whilst there isn’t any official snow depth recording on Macca, some returning expeditioners believe this snowfall was one of the biggest in recent memory.

Most importantly, our wild week of snow made for some incredible photographs…

Snow on the ground and covering the official Macquarie Island sign.
Snow on Macquarie Island July 2017
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
A view of the station from another hill all covered in snow.
Macquarie Island station from Wireless Hill.
(Photo: J. Wallace)
A small blizzard with the buildings just visible through the snow.
A 'mini-blizz' at Macquarie Island station.
(Photo: K. Williams)
The isthmus is covered in snow.
Isthmus in snow.
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
The coastline covered in snow.
Snowfall on Macquarie Island.
(Photo: K. Williams)
The Varne Plateau covered in snow.
The Varne Plateau under snow.
(Photo: N. Baker)
A frozen lake with snow on the surrounding hills.
Frozen Pyramid Lake.
(Photo: P. Pascoe)
A round field hut under snow.
Waterfall Bay Hut under snow.
(Photo: M .Wells)
Wildlife Ranger Penny Pascoe walking on a snow covered track.
Wildlife ranger Penny Pascoe ploughing her way through a snow covered track.
(Photo: M .Wells)
Two seals on the snow covered beach.
Seals in the snow.
(Photo: A. Turbett)