This week at Macquarie Island: 23 June 2017

This week, we capture all the fun and celebration of midwinter's day!

Midwinter Macquarie Island 2017

Wednesday 21st June 2017 marked the winter solstice at Macquarie Island and the traditional midwinter celebration. An amazing day and night was had by the 15–strong winter expedition team.

The day featured the traditional swim on our beautiful sub–Antarctic beaches, followed later by a gourmet seven course degustation dinner courtesy of the amazing chef Nick Baker.

The evening featured midwinter greetings and salutations from around the world, including Australia's Prime Minster, The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull and Tasmanian Premier, Will Hodgman. We also discovered a wealth of previously hidden musical talent and dancing skills!

A photo of all the expeditioners at the front of a building.
Midwinter greetings from Macquarie Island 2017.
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
A group of expeditioners standing on a rocky beach in bathers looking cold.
Pre-midwinter swim.
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
The expeditioners running into the water.
2017 midwinter swim.
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
A nicely set out dinner table.
2017 midwinter dinner table.
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
The Maquarie Island chef in the kitchen preparing food.
Chef Nick Baker preparing a seven course degustation midwinter feast.
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
A group photo of all the expeditioners inside and wearing nice clothes.
Macquarie Island midwinter team 2017.
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
An expeditioner playing a guitar.
Guitar hero Matt Westbury.
(Photo: A. Turbett)
A man and a women playing music on a harmonica and a guitar.
Plumber and doctor have a Blues Jam.
(Photo: A. Turbett)