This week at Macquarie Island: 20 October 2017

This week, we feature the 2017 Macquarie Island winter team in pictures.

The 2017 Macca winter team - in pictures

With the start of the Macca summer season only a couple of weeks away, this week we feature a pictorial of the 2017 Macquarie Island winter expeditioners, with each expeditioner contributing their favourite 'selfie'.

A women standing on top of a hill with water in the background.
TASPARKS Ranger in Charge Andrea.
(Photo: N. Baker)
A man standing on the coastline with quite flat terrain around.
Building Services Supervisor and Deputy Station Leader Dave.
(Photo: A. Turbett)
A man in a fire uniform unraveling a hose.
Electrician Geoff.
(Photo: J. Wallace)
A woman sitting in the vegetation wearing a heavy backpack.
Albatross and Giant Petrel Program Research Assistant Emily.
(Photo: M. Wells)
A closeup of a man wearing a mask and sunglasses.
Bureau of Meteorology Technician Emry.
(Photo: E. Thaggard Crocker)
Two women sitting in a vehicle in fancy dress costumes.
Bureau of Meteorology Observer Kerri.
(Photo: L. Whitehorn)
EA woman standing near a sign with a seal near it.
Expedition Doctor Jan.
(Photo: G. Wallace)
A man standing outside of a building in the snow.
Station Leader Kyle.
(Photo: A. Turbett)
A man out in the field getting something out of his backpack.
Bureau of Meteorology Senior Observer Matt.
(Photo: A. Turbett)
A man standing out in the snow.
Senior Mechanical Supervisor Lionel.
(Photo: A. Turbett)
A woman standing out the beach waving some rope around.
Albatross and Giant Petrel Program Research Assistant Mel.
(Photo: E. Mowat)
A woman standing with snow covered mountains around her.
TASPARKS Wildlife Ranger Penny.
(Photo: M. Wells)
A man standing outside with a tape measure.
Plumber Wayne.
(Photo: A. Turbett)
A man wearing a beanie standing outside of a wooden building.
Chef Nick.
(Photo: A. Turbett)
A man walking out on a trail with lots of vegetation and hills.
Station Communications Technical Officer Tom.
(Photo: T. Luttrell)