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This week at Macquarie Island: 28 August 2015

Small station numbers this week with Justin, Ben and Andrea celebrating Justin’s birthday down at Hurd Point, and Dan and Marion celebrating Maz’s birthday exploring the Lusitania Bay area.

We welcomed back Ranger Anna from eight days away photographing king penguin chicks - she helped bolster station numbers for the weekend.

Work continues around station with our works program and ongoing maintenance checks, and servicing, keeping Nick, Lionel, Mark and Ben busy.

A relaxing Saturday afternoon was had on station with many of us watching the Brno Moto GP that was pre-recorded, followed by a screening of the Moto GP movie Fastest. Duncan prepared a delicious dinner of citrus pork with rice and we gathered in the mess, ready to join in the Guinness World Record stargazing attempt. Thanks to Anna and Duncan who sweet talked the people at Guinness to allow us to represent the people of southern most point of Australia!

The leopard seal made another appearance on the west beach of the isthmus right beside the ANARESAT dome on Sunday afternoon. It basked all day in the intermittent bright sunshine and gentle snow showers. 

The communal jigsaw puzzle continues. The blue sky in the picture seems to be causing challenges for us! However a group of gentoo penguins and a full moon have now been pieced together.

The mess was adorned with a new weather display screen this week. Now we can also see the wind chill measurement. Now we also know why it feels so cold all the time despite temperatures sneaking above zero degrees!

This week we are celebrating Nick’s birthday. Happy Birthday Nick!!

In all we have celebrated five birthdays in August on a station of 13 people! A collective August birthday Hawaiian themed party is planned for this Friday night. Justin is cracking out the spit roast and we hold our hopes for some accompanying tropical weather.

We have had a few beautiful clear mornings this week, and many of us have had a chance to get out with our cameras and capture the rare blue sky. Lionel, our dieso, has done so many seasons down here that he knows where to head for the great shots. Enjoy some of his pictures from the past week.

A view over station in the morning light
Beautiful Macca morning from North Head
(Photo: Lionel Whitehorn)
Snow covered hill in rear and walkway atop fuel tanks in the foreground
North head from atop the fuel farm
(Photo: Lionel Whitehorn)
Two orcas swimming side by side
Orcas from the Hamshack
(Photo: Lionel Whitehorn)
Wooden building with sun shining on its walls and ocean in background
Science building in the morning sunshine
(Photo: Lionel Whitehorn)
White variation giant petrel
Giant petrel
(Photo: Lionel Whitehorn)
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