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This week at Macquarie Island: 21 August 2015

Progress continued this week on the reinstallation of ladders into Gadgets Gully that were damaged in landslides in January 2015. The ladders facilitate maintenance access to the station water main which flows from a dam at the head of the gully, and overland down to station. The trades team have been slowly transporting the stainless steel ladders and tool caches from station along the east beach and up into Gadgets Gully, bit by bit over the past few weeks.

Here on Macca there are no roads nor vehicle access outside of the immediate station area. All of the equipment and materials for this job has been hiked in on foot by Nick, Ben and Mark, with the occasional willing assistant.

Whilst the number of ladders in the gully is increasing, the number of king penguin chicks at the base of the gully is decreasing, as giant petrels continue to pick them off. The trades team generally returns to station with tales of death defying escapes, or of chicks being carried away squawking, much to the delight or horror of those receiving the news.

The rangers continued this week within the field, checking petrel burrows and collecting photo records of the king penguin crèche at Lusitania Bay – the largest king penguin rookery on the island.

Rich and Jacque headed out to Waterfall Bay on the weekend and spent a night with the rangers before returning to Brothers Point then back to station.

Those who remained on station for the weekend enjoyed a wonderful Saturday night dinner prepared by Justin.

The first communal jigsaw puzzle has finally made its appearance in the mess. One week in and the puzzle is about 60 percent complete.

We are celebrating more August birthdays this week with Doc Marion celebrating at Waterfall Bay, and Justin spending his big day at Hurd Point. Happy birthday guys!

An expeditioner working atop a ladder in Gadgets Gully.
Nick C in Gagdgets Gully.
(Photo: Nick Cartwright)
Two ladders and a toolbox in a rocky, icy gully.
Two ladders and the tool cache in Gadgets Gully.
(Photo: Nick Cartwright)
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