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This week at Macquarie Island: 11 September 2015

The Macca kitchen received a makeover this week. Justin, Ben and Jac scrubbed clean the oven, hotplate and deep fryer and rearranged the kitchen in a cleaning frenzy of epic proportions.

After months of piece by piece weather dependent work, Nick and Ben finally fixed the last replacement ladder into place at Gadgets Gully this week. The cache of tools and safety equipment, and old damaged metal work were removed from site. Access is now again restored for plumber Ben who undertakes regular inspections of the water supply main that is located along the side of the gully. Great work guys!

The first elephant seal count was held on Sunday morning, with most of station joining in. Two teams covered the east and west coasts respectively, counting how many female seals had hauled up on the beach. This will continue every Sunday morning for the next few weeks, and is one of the many interesting opportunities that we have to assist the Tas Parks team with their wildlife management work.

The giant petrel census is also underway this week. Justin and Duncan assisted the rangers, Andrea and Anna, for the first part of the week in counting how many 'GPs' were sitting on nests. They covered lots of ground, finishing off the area to the south of Bauer Bay on the first day! Work continued in wet conditions on Tuesday and the guys headed back to station. Jacque and Rich walked out early Wednesday morning to continue the surveys for the remainder of the week. 

Justin Ben and Jacque cleaning an oven
Kitchen clean up crew - Justin, Ben and Jacque
(Photo: Nick Cartwright)
Ben and Mark in Gadgets Gully
Ben and Mark in Gadgets Gully
(Photo: Jacque Comery)
Rich and Justin standing in Gadgets Gully with large plastic tub
Rich and Justin helping demobilise the Gadgets Gully caches
(Photo: Jacque Comery)
Jacque and Justin cleaning the oven
SL and DSL teamwork!
(Photo: Ben Golden)
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