Our first snowfall for the year

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This week at Macquarie Island: 23 May 2014
Macquarie Island received its first snowfall on Tuesday night. This is rather late in the year, and many people here had started to wonder if we are really in the subantarctic at all. As a result, cameras were out in force on Wednesday morning to record the scene. It didn't last long on the ground around station, with air temperatures still around two to three degrees, but it has stayed on the higher ground of the plateau and hills.
view of snow covered plateau
Macca plateau from the station on Wednesday morning
(Photo: Sean Reynolds)
Snow clouds and isthmus beach
Cloudscape view along the isthmus beach back to station on Wednesday morning
(Photo: Sean Reynolds)
Snow scene around station
Station buildings and Wireless Hill on Wednesday morning
(Photo: Meg McKeown)
Snow covered distant hill top
Mt Elder, the highest point at this end of the island, from…
(Photo: Meg McKeown)
Snow scene on the plateau
Gadget's Gully dam catchment area (station water supply) on the plateau on…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
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