ANZAC day at Macca

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This week at Macquarie Island: 2 May 2014
ANZAC Day was commemorated appropriately at Macquarie Island station. Like most Australian Antarctic Division station crews, our group contains a significant representation of past (and present) service people, and so this is a special day on station for many. It was raining at our appointed dawn service time of 0630, so we had our 'gunfire' breakfast and then settled for an indoors commemoration service. This included Graeme reading a moving letter from a Kokoda track veteran, Stan Bissett, which Graeme had received during his last stay at Mawson. The letter describes the death of Stan's brother "Butch" on the track and the loss of so many of his comrades. 
The Australian, New Zealand, and aboriginal flag are seen at half mast
Macca flags at half mast
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
Flags are in the distance with a view of Macca istmus
Macca flags on ANZAC Day morning
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
The station group is seen in front of the flags at the mast head
Macca station group at the flag poles
(Photo: Evelyn Sandoval)
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