SAR training

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This week at Macquarie Island: 16 May 2014

The station crew on Antarctic stations need to provide emergency response teams to attend several different types of emergency situations. One of these is search and rescue (SAR) emergencies.

On Macquarie Island, possible SAR emergency situations include rescuing an injured person from a vertical or near vertical slope. This means our SAR team must be trained in the technical aspects of setting up a vertical raise or lower system for a stretcher, and this week our field training officer Ian has been training six of our winter expeditioners in this technique. Initial training was carried out in the comfort of our library and green store, and then culminated in a rescue scenario on North Head.

Five expeditioners setting up a rope retrieval system
SAR training: Chris, Mike, Pete, Graeme and Ryan practice setting up a…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Five expeditioners in a tight circle peer intently at a rope end.
What knot is that? The SAR training group practice decision making by…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Expeditioner holds both arms aloft and apart
It was THIS BIG! During a break in training, Graeme told trout…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Two expeditioners lower stretcher over vertical drop
Ian and Ryan lowering the stretcher in the green store
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Expeditioners being shown how to put a patient on a spinal board
In separate first aid training, doctor Meg provided training in using the…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Expeditioner is restrained on spinal board
Benny, restrained at last! We finally work out how to slow down…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
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