Station fitness and well being of the crew ramps up

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This week at Macquarie Island: 11 July 2014

The fitness and well being of the wintering Macquarie Island crew has really ramped up here on station. After three months we are all settled in and enjoying station life. The crew are really watching what they eat, and along with the support of Benny’s excellent meals and gym guru Graeme Freeman, we all have the opportunity to get into great shape. There are many forms of fitness that people are currently undertaking. This includes hiking the island, regular walks around Gadgets Gully, jogging to the station limits lookout, and cardio exercise via treadmills and exercise bikes. Finally, we have the gym which offers a wide variety of weights to gain strength and “get ripped”.

Meg, Greg, Sean and Keon are all undertaking “Dry July”, this is a fundraising event that challenges you to go booze-free for a month to support adults living with cancer. It helps you get healthy and clear your head while also raising funds for an important cause. Dry July improves the wellbeing of adult cancer patients by providing funds to create better services and environments for them and their families.

An expeditioner gives his torso a workout
Graeme working hard on his triceps
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
An expeditioner sits on some gym equipment
Graeme in full flex
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
An expeditioner shows off his big arm muscles
Graeme - Mr Subantarctic title?
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
Expeditioners going for a walk around Garden Cove
Mike and Benny going for a walk around Garden Cove
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
An expeditioner in hiking gear returns to station after his walk
Pete after a hike from Brothers Point
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
An expeditioner warms up on the bench press
Ryan warming up on the bench press
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
An expeditioner exercises on the rowing machine
Ryan on the rowing machine
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
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