Jobs on and off station

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This week at Macquarie Island: 25 April 2014

Meanwhile, jobs on and off station continue. Our Bureau of Meteorology senior technical officer (engineering) Sean took advantage of a rare beautifully calm day to carry out maintenance and calibration checks of the BOM anemometer, which records wind speed on top of a high mast. He was ably assisted by our supervising communications technical officer Scotty, and both Sean and Scotty are suitably qualified for "working at heights".

Our plumber Greg and building services supervisor Graeme have been replacing the building heating water pipes in our site services plumbing around the station buildings. This week, Greg and Graeme have been working on the new HHW (heating hot water services) connection to Hass House as part of an upgrade of the old system that was starting to show its age. As the old pipes were buried underground it was decided to use some of the existing service culverts to Cumpstons cottage and continue through with an easily accessible culvert made from treated timber.

Our Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service ranger in charge Chris and wildlife ranger Mike have been busy with a range of wildlife related tasks around the island, as well as track upgrades and repairs, which is an unending task in this harsh environment.

Two expeditioners check the safety harness of one of them, beside the mast
Scotty and Sean carry out safety checks before Sean ascends the anemometer…
(Photo: Evelyn Sandoval)
An expeditioner is seen climbing a mast tower
Sean ascends the anemometer mast
(Photo: Evelyn Sandoval)
Two expeditioners workng beside a plumbing trench beside a station building
Graeme and Greg working beside the site services plumbing culvert
(Photo: Evelyn Sandoval)
A plumber working in the trench
Greg working on the new plumbing in the site services culvert
(Photo: Evelyn Sandoval)
A plumber welding a new pipe
Greg welding new pipes for the site services plumbing
(Photo: Keon Stevenson)
Two rangers walking carrying bundles of track markers
Chris and Mike head off for track maintenance work
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Ranger hammers wire netting down onto a boarded section of walking track
Chris carrying out track repairs on a well used section of boarded…
(Photo: Evelyn Sandoval)
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