Field training on Macca

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This week at Macquarie Island: 25 April 2014
Our recently arrived 2014 station crew expeditioners need to complete their on-island field and survival training with our field training officer Ian, before they are allowed to travel off station for any work or recreational purposes. Ian is completing the initial stages of this training with us in groups of three expeditioners at a time. The training involves three days of on and off track walking travel, with a night spent at each of the two closest field huts, Bauer Bay on the west coast and Brother's Point on the east coast. This provides a good opportunity to experience the island in all its moods, to get acquainted with the island track system and field huts, and to master the navigational skills involved in off track travel. Last week, Ian took our chef Benny, doc Meg, and communications technical officer Ryan out for training. Ian will also be training our station SAR (search and rescue) team, and this training is now running concurrently with the field training.
Three expeditioners pose beside a walking track sign
Doc Meg, CTO Ryan and chef Benny commence their field training last…
(Photo: Benny Bogusz)
An expeditioner is surrounded by skua gulls by a lake
Benny gets acquainted with friendly skuas at Island Lake
(Photo: Ryan Johnson)
An expeditioner walking beside a lake
Ryan walking beside picturesque Island Lake
(Photo: Benny Bogusz)
Three expeditioners stand outside a field hut
Meg, Ryan and Ian outside Bauer Bay hut on the west coast
(Photo: Benny Bogusz)
Three expeditioners are seen inside the field hut
Ryan, Meg and Ian inside Bauer Bay hut
(Photo: Benny Bogusz)
Three expeditioners walking amongst high rock stacks beside a rocky coast
Field training amongst spectacular coastal rock stacks at Bauer Bay
(Photo: Ryan Johnson)
Another field hut
Brothers Point googie hut
(Photo: Ryan Johnson)
An expeditioner is in the hut door with a coastal bay behind
Benny at Brother's Point hut, Sandy Bay in the distance
(Photo: Ryan Johnson)
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