Completion of changeover and departure of 2013 expeditioners.

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This week at Macquarie Island: 11 April 2014

Late last week we completed our station resupply, refuelling, station crew changeover, and station handover to the incoming crew, after which the outgoing expeditioners departed on the LARCs. With them they took some special cargo, the 11 rabbit and rodent detecting dogs which have been working here with their handlers for up to the last three years.

The refuelling process uses a floating hose connecting the ship in Buckles Bay with the fuel tanks in the fuel farm on the shore. The hose needs to be closely monitored by a crew on shore and crews in zodiac boats to ensure against leaks or spills.

On Thursday night after dinner we held the formal handover of responsibility for the station to the incoming station crew. Outgoing station leader Mark presented incoming station leader Ivor with the symbolic key to the station and his handheld radio. Additionally, TASPAWS ranger in charge Chris and wildlife ranger Mike, representing Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, presented Mark and Ivor, representing the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), with a beautiful plaque in appreciation of AAD’s support and close involvement in the Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project (MIPEP). Mark and Ivor both expressed their thanks for the many hours of cold hard work put in by all involved in MIPEP, including the marvellous dogs, and congratulated all on the spectacularly successful outcomes.

a group of expeditioners set up the hose on the beach
The refuelling shore party setting up the ship to shore floating refuelling…
(Photo: Barry Becker)
An expeditioner connects the refuelling hose on the beach
Incoming plant inspector Pete conects the refuelling hose at the shore connection,…
(Photo: Barry Becker)
Two expeditioners inspect the refuelling hose connectio
Incoming plant inspector Pete and outgoing PI Lionel inspect the shore point…
(Photo: Barry Becker)
The outgoing station leader and the incoming station leader exchange handheld radios as symbols of running the station
Incoming station leader Ivor accepts the station leader's radio from outgoing SL…
(Photo: Benny Bogusz)
Two  rangers present both station leaders with a commemorative plaque
TASPAWS ranger Mike and ranger in charge Chris present Ivor and Mark…
(Photo: Benny Bogusz)
The station leader and previous station doctor with the MIPEP plaque
Ivor and previous station doctor James with the MIPEP plaque: both were…
(Photo: Benny Bogusz)
A terrier dog on the beach with gentoo penguins behind
Rodent detector dog Cody enjoying last walk on Macca before going home
(Photo: Meg Mckeown)
A dog handler with 2 dogs
MIPEP dog handler Nancye with MIPEP dogs before departure
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
The dogs and LARC crew on a LARC
LARC operators James and Marty supervising the dogs boarding the LARC
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
THe LARC is seen departing with a load of people
The LARC departs with the 2013 wintering crew
(Photo: Barry Becker)
An expeditioner holds a burning flare
The ship is farewelled with life expired boating flares
(Photo: Meg Mckeown)
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