Dave's Birthday

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This week at Macquarie Island: 9 August 2013

On Saturday the 27thof July we gathered together to celebrate a man who is envied by everyone on Macquarie Island. Yep... indeed, there’s not much to say really except that Dave is simply the best.

Happy Birthday Mr Brett, the awesome BSS!

We celebrated with a stupendous menu of finger food created and cooked by Chef Tony and Patty, and followed by a monstrously tall cake.

Dave was spoiled and showered with gifts, magic glowing thumbs for magic tricks from the Doctor Clive, a bottle of malt whiskey wrapped in newspaper and stuck together with HP sauce because Chef Tony didn’t have any sticky tape, and a double-sided Mancala board game made by the golden boy of Macquarie Aaron (some say he is the ginger beard man).

The evening continued with a slide show of photos of Dave submitted by his lovely wife Bronwyn and we finished the evening with a video comedy show.

Happy birthday Dave, you are brilliant.

Celebrating Dave's birthday - The Macca bar area adorned with decorations with a frieze of letters across the front edge of the bar spelling 'Happy Birthday Dave!'
Celebrating Dave's birthday
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Dave sitting behind the decorated bar
Smile Dave! It's your birthday
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Patty and Chef Tony in the kitchen, preparing the food for Dave's party. Patty is holding a large frying pan over the stove top that has flames rising from it
Patty and Chef Tony preparing the food for Dave's party
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Finger food for Dave's birthday spread out on the coffee table. 'Happy Birthday Dave' is spelled out in chocolate on the centre of the table
Finger food for Dave's birthday
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Aaron, Craig and Josh, each with a plate of finger food, enjoying Dave's birthday party
Aaron, Craig and Josh enjoying Dave's birthday party
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Dave's birthday cake - a tall cake with 'Happy Birthday Dave' letters in chocolate across the top and slivered almond pieces stuck to the side
Dave's birthday cake
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Dave, in the left foreground, enjoying his birthday while several other expeditioners congregate around the bar. The large birthday cake is on the bar
Dave enjoying his birthday
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Dave in his hippy phase. Dave with several friends on a boat. Dave is dressed in a lime green shirt, frilled waist coat, has a 'peace' symbol pendant and has long frizzy hair tied with a orange head band
Dave in his hippy phase
(Photo: Bronwyn Clarke)
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