This week at Macquarie Island: 8 February 2013

All creatures, great and small

Five king penguins following each other in single file
A line of kings
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
King penguin on its own standing high on a hill with the ocean and station in the background
King penguin at Gadgets Gully
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Large number of king penguins on the beach with ocean in the background
King penguins nesting
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Two penguins look like they are singing, leaning into each other
Two happy rockhoppers
(Photo: Dave Seelye)
Small fur seal asleep on top of a moss covered rock
A sleepy fur seal
(Photo: John Cadden)
Fur seal high on a rock, ocean in background
Fur seal enjoying the sunshine
(Photo: John Cadden)
Close up of an elephant seal shedding it's fur on the beach
Moulting elephant seals on the east coast
(Photo: John Cadden)
Chck moulting in a way that it looks like it's wearing a fur coat
King penguin chick moulting
(Photo: lauren Koehler)
Grey/brown skua bird looking over thousands of royal penguins
Skua keeping a watchful eye over royal penguins
(Photo: Lauren Koehler)
Ten elephant seals crowded in a large smelly mud pit
Elephant seals in a smelly wallow
(Photo: Lauren Koehler)