Combined Australia and Waitangi Day celebrations

This week at Macquarie Island: 8 February 2013

The Macca team decided to postpone Australia Day until the hunters were back on station at the end of the month. As Waitangi Day is observed each year on 6 February, both national days were combined and celebrated in true New Zealand and Aussie style.

The day started off with an early morning swim starting on the west coast. The team had to make their way through smelly mounds of kelp then it was over to the east coast where the water was a little cleaner and calmer. After a good outdoor shower to wash off any remaining kelp goo, the team enjoyed time in the spa before making their way to the mess for a cooked brunch.

After brunch the games began. Four teams competed for the big prizes. The games consisted of ‘toss the mud pie’ using a shovel, toss the rubber boot, toss the phone, fastest Tim Tam and dry Weet-Bix eating team. A BBQ followed later in the evening and so did an unplanned game of beach rugby.

We were all winners!

15 expeditioners in crazy costumes lined up to run into the water
Aust and Waitangi day swim
Expeditioner wearing an Australian hat in the shape of a beer mug
Narelle as the official race starter
Nine runners coming out of the water, running between large kelp beds
Swimmers dodging the smelly kelp beds
Three expeditioners posing for the camera, one with a life bouy around his waist
Al, Steve and Brian after the swim
12 expeditioners sitting in the spa looking at the camera
In the spa after the swim
Expeditioner throwing a boot into the air
Grant tossing the boot
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Expeditioner with a mud pie on a shovel ready to throw it some distance. Group of people looking on
Stu tossing the mud pie
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Close-up of two females pretending to eat mud pies
Kelly and Anna about to eat one of the mud pies
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Expeditioner getting ready to throw a phone, old building in background
Greg tossing the phone
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Eight expeditioners in an office looking towards a TV screen, all very excited
Australia Day award winner Lauren (centre back row) receiving the good news
(Photo: Richard Dakin)
Two teams of expeditioners playing soccer on the sand, in front of station buildings
Australia and Waitangi Day soccer game
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Expeditioners sitting at the table lined up ready to eat Weet-Bix in a competition
Dry Weet-Bix eating competition
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Group of expeditioners lined up on both sides of a long table to eat tim tams
Tim Tam eating competition
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)
Expeditioners in two teams tackling each other to get to the ball
Game of rugby on the beach
(Photo: Corrine de Mestre)