Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project

This week at Macquarie Island: 8 February 2013

After a busy week on station (recreational and work) the hunters deployed into the field for the last time. While on station they were able to participate in the combined Australia and Waitangi Day festivities and pack their personal gear into boxes ready to be sent home. This month the team have carefully coordinated a hunting trip around the island visiting and hunting their favourite locations prior to leaving the island early in March.

Fresh bread and scrolls on a table
A special Sunday bake at Waterfall Bay hut
(Photo: Dave Seelye)
Freshly baked bread and scrolls displayed on the bench in the hut
Sunday brunch at Waterfall Bay hut
(Photo: Dave Seelye)
Terrier dog looking at a skua bird
Tama saying hello to a skua
(Photo: Dave Seelye)
Dog Tama with skua chick on the ground
Tama and a chick
(Photo: Dave Seelye)
Map of the island terrain with red lines covering areas where expeditioner has walked
Lines indicate on Gazz's GPS where he has walked for part of…
(Photo: Garry Shearsby)
Expeditioner and his black labrador on a steel slope
Dave and Wags
(Photo: Lauren Koehler)
Expeditioner laying on the grass with his camera looking at the camera
Steve on his day off enjoying the sunshine
(Photo: Karen Andrew)
Male and female expeditioner standing together on the ramp of the hut, clothes drying in the sun
Kelly and Cam
(Photo: Cameron Walker)