The challenge is on!

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This week at Macquarie Island: 3 May 2013

And so it begins - the battle of nations where only one can be the winner! This is the question on everyone's lips which has disrupted Macquarie Island's serenity and split the community in two! Who supremely rules: the New Zealanders or Australians?

The attesting challenge will be tug-o-war. The pressure is on and rising as this is to be the pinnacle of Macquarie Island History! Who has the charisma, endurance, strength and looks to step up and take the title of 'The Greatest'?! The winners will be crowned 'Macquarie Island Emperors'.

So far the Kiwis are putting everything in, gathering together for a training session on Friday morning.

These Kiwis are tough and certainly don’t do things by halves - it’s all or paddle home! The Australians don’t seem to be showing any type of concern - laid back and confident they watched with amusement. Could they know something we don’t?

Stay tuned for an update on results. Egos will be crushed.

People standing outside of the carpenters work shop holding a rope attached to the buggy
The New Zealand team gather
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Yellow tractor with a rope tide to it and the new zealand team pulling in the background a mountain and to the right the carpenters building
Stepping it up
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Tony sitting inside a yellow tractor getting ready to move it forward with a building and mountain in the back ground
Tony giving the team a little help! SHHHHHH!
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Leona in her yellow jacket pulling on a rope with steve behind her in the back ground a building stands
Leona with her super Kiwi strength
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Leona, Steve, Dean, Nick, Mike and Billy pulling on a rope in the dark sand with a building and tussock grass in the back ground.
The team heaving with all their might
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Billy’s demonstration to Nick and Leona on effecting rope tugging and body positioning leaning against the rope and Tom looking amused laid back Aussie in the background in the back ground is the post office hut.
Billy’s demonstration to Nick and Leona on effective rope tugging and body…
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Kiwi team leaving on the rope tom leaning up against the carpenters building
Kiwi heave
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Kiwi team members pulling on a rope tied to a tractor on dark sand with the carpenters building in the back ground  and tom leaning up against it.
Keep on tugging!
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
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