Saturday night - south of the border

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This week at Macquarie Island: 29 March 2013

As we are all aware, Saturday dinner is designated on station as a meal that is to be attended in neat casual dress, or dress to depict the cultural theme of the meal.

Last Saturday, Patty offered to assist the master (Tony, our winter chef) in preparing Chilean/Mexican dishes in the way she had been taught by her mother, aunts and grandmother. After several trips across to the green store for extra this and that, the air in the and around station took on a the sweet smell of spice, herbs and of course chilli, a much welcoming aroma after the normal elephant seal, decaying kelp and salt odours we are accustomed to outdoors.

The meal was introduced with a short history on how food is respected in the Chilean culture and taken as something that is an art form, something that has been made with love. Thanks was given to Pacha Mama (the Earth) for nurturing the seeds that were planted in her soil (belly button), for the sun and rains for providing conditions for good crops and most of all to everyone gathered for the feast. The proof was in the pudding so to speak as there was hardly a skerrick left for catch and kill (get your own meal from the kitchen) on Sunday. Well done to both chef and assistant Patty for a great feast and thank you Pacha Mama.

David Brett

Two men dressed in Mexican theme outfits, Clive with a wide brimmed hat and a long hair wig, while Dave is wearing a broad moustache, sombrero and a curly black wig
Two 'Mexicans' at Saturday night dinner
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
A long table with several platters piled with mexican style food
The main meal on offer
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Patty at work in the kitchen, adding an ingredient to a frying pan full of beans
Patty at work in the kitchen
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Several of the winter crew, most dressed in Mexican theme, listening intently as Patty describes the food and its role in Chilean culture
Listening with interest to Patty's story
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
Two platters of Mexican/Chilean food prepared by Patty
More of the Mexican/Chilean food prepared by Patty
(Photo: Tony Mortimer)
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