Macca haggis hurling competition

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This week at Macquarie Island: 28 June 2013

The great haggis hurling competition took place in the station courtyard.

Hurling organisers decided to forego the wind assist rule and allowed the haggis-hurl to proceed, despite the gale force winds and driving snow pellets. The bucket of haggises was carried into the courtyard by Dean in full kiltish regalia, ably piped along by Billie, similarly attired. Assistant Tom was clad in a rather large sporran. Contestants mounted the mock half-barrel after selecting their haggis. Some accepted a wee dram of the fortifying kind before taking aim.

The skill of haggis hurling, or lack thereof, was evident in the examples of hook-hurl or shank-hurl. Luckily there was no example of behind-the-barrel-hurl. We even had an example of on-the-roof-hurl whereby a haggis ended up on Hass House roof.

The contestants were coerced, taunted, cajoled and intimidated by the trio of men in skirts. This good natured banter ensured optimal haggis hurling. It was a noisy affair with spirited calling out of the distance hurled, amid cheers of encouragement from the crowd.

Unofficial winner was Aaron - not in a kilt - who hurled a slightly undersized haggis across the courtyard almost into Garden Cove. Judges are withholding this result pending the appeal process.

Full environmental cleanup took place at the end of proceedings. 
Nick checking his hand held weather instrument for 'wind assistance'
Nick checking the instruments for 'wind assistance'
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Dean and Billie both dressed in a kilt and wearing blue make-up (Brave Heart) walking to the throwing area. Billie is playing the bag pipes
Delivering the haggis
(Photo: Tony Harris)
The two kilt clad boys (Dean and Billie) geeing up the expectant participants of the haggis hurling competition
Laying down the rules
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Steve, standing on a half drum and wearing a pink and red mohawk wig, in  the motion of throwing a haggis
Steve launching his haggis
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Dean, wearing a tartan kilt, wig and blue marks painted on his face, trying to dodge an incoming haggis
Dean dodging the hurled haggis
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Aaron, standing on a half drum just having launched his haggis, which went over Dean's head and landed close to Garden Cove
The controversial winning haggis hurl by Aaron
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Tom, wearing a tartan kilt, standing on the half drum, having just hurled his haggis
Tom's awesome haggis hurl
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Tony (standing on the half drum), watched by the enthusiastic crowd, puts all his effort into hurling the haggis
Tony, watched by the enthusiastic crowd, puts all his effort into hurling…
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Greg, standing on the half drum, having just hurled his haggis, while behind him a group of several onlookers follow its flight
The crowd know which bird to watch!
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Several expeditioners, armed with a haggis, trying to hurl them at the kilted Dean and Billie
Free for all in the snow
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
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