Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project

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This week at Macquarie Island: 25 January 2013

The end of month trek back to station, the second last time for the 2012 team, is about to occur. All Hunters will be back on station for a well deserved break on the 29th January. The year is nearly at an end with only one more month of hunting to go.

Biosecurity intiatives to better protect Macquarie Island

Issue 12 – January 2013

Biosecurity processes are being reviewed and procedures tightened in order to greatly reduce the possibility of the re-invasion of rabbits or rodents on Macquarie Island following the eradication project.

Although up to 1,000 tourists visit the island each year, restrictions on what they are allowed to bring ashore for their short stay means that any reinvasion of rodents is more likely to occur through cargo coming to the island.

Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) Macquarie Island executive officer Luke Gadd said there has been a range of initiatives developed to address biosecurity issues.

“We’ve been working closely with the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and there is now a three-tiered process in place to ensure thorough, multiple checks of cargo departing from Hobart for Macquarie Island,” Luke said.

There will also be a dedicated quarantine officer on the next re-supply voyage to the island and all cargo will be delivered in sealed containers that will be thoroughly examined for any rodent presence before being unpacked on the island.

PWS has also been working closely with tourist ship operators to ensure raise awareness about biosecurity issues and to ensure that no ‘unofficial’ cargo goes ashore on the passenger visits to the island.

Finally, should the worst occur and a rodent is detected on the island, a recently developed Incursion Response Plan will be put into action immediately, with baits and traps deployed at key locations.

Source: Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project Newsletter – Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

Expeditioner and his dog posing for the camera, mountains in the background
Steve and Katie
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Springer Spaniel hunting dog on a rock with the coastline in the background
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Preparing desserts in the field
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Dessert - chocolate poured over a biscuit base
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Dog next  to numerous pieces of marine debris
Katie with her new toys washed up on the beach
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Dave at the top of Doctors track
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Jack with Gus
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