Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project

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This week at Macquarie Island: 22 February 2013

The big news here at Macquarie Island is that our season is coming to an end.

The Aurora Australis is scheduled to arrive on the 3rd March and as soon as it drops anchor we will commence resupply operations – a one year supply of food, fuel, building materials and essential station supplies will arrive by helicopter or larc over approx nine days. We’ll also welcome the new wintering team who will take our place and continue the good work, monitoring for any signs of rodents and rabbits. In addition to those coming ashore for 12 months, we’ll also assist numerous scientists and operational personnel to inspect, test, research, review and report on various projects while the ship remains in the harbour. It will be a very busy busy time.

The hunters arrive back on station Saturday 24th and on this day their work in the field comes to an end.

A message to the 2012 hunters (and their dogs) - Congratulations to you all! You’ve done an awesome job, you’ve worn out many pairs of boots and clothes during your 12 months walking every inch of the island (numerous times). To be a part of the Macquarie Island Pest Eradication project, a World Heritage listed island, is rewarding and an enormous achievement. The final result of your combined efforts will have such a long lasting positive outcome for the local inhabitants (Macca’s unique fauna and flora). Well done team!!!

Female expeditioner barefoot in one of the bays with a seal watching on
(Photo: Karen Andrew)
Hunter and his back dog in the distance walking up a grassy steep slope
Dave with Wags
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Expeditioner carrying a large white buoy
Dave retrieves marine debris from the coast
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Expeditioner recording on a piece of paper the sighting of a bird. Bird is in background
Cameron participating the giant petrel survey
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Expeditioners in inflatable boats with their dogs departing station
Hunters and their dogs getting a lift down island
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Female expeditioner with her golden labrador dog sitting in an inflatable boat
Karen and Finn
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Boat heads towards the beach with field hut in background
Boating team arriving at Green Gorge
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Expeditioner with a jar of vegemite in his hand spreading if on dough
Kiwi Dave with his favourite food: Vegemite
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Close up photo of baked scrolls
Dave's Sunday bake in the hut
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Looking down a steep grassy slope on a hunter and 12 elephant seals at the waters edge
Hunter comes across some sleepy elephant seals
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Inside the hut a bottle of tomato sauce and a loaf of bread on the table
Setting the table at Hurd Point hut
(Photo: Richard Dakin)
Four expeditioners standing around a large black pod drinking tea
Maria joins Cam, Steve and Kelly at Bauer Bay for a cuppa
(Photo: Lauren Wise)
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