Maccawood music clip

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This week at Macquarie Island: 21 June 2013
As midwinter approaches, a team gathered to put together a special video surprise for all to enjoy back at HQ in Kingston. This task required a good sense of humour, the losing of any inhabitions, cooperation and the ability to simply cut loose.
After an endless discussion on music, a song was finally picked only to be changed another two times before filming began. Finally, with spirits high, we were on our way. We knew we were awesome as Aaron kept reminding us - we were the creative genius phenomenon!
It was really all about lights, camera, action, showing the camera our enthusiasm and style! With Mark as Executive Producer, Barry as Director and cinematographer Patty as Creative Director, Chef Tony as Assistant Director and Aaron as Best Boy/Editor in Chief, we were unstoppable.
And so it was "Move over Hollywood, Maccawood is now in the house!" including unbelievable award-winning performances and (Yes! Oh yes!), we are the stars!
Thanks to all who participated may you forever shine.
Aaron, Baz, Patty and Chef Tony at the top of Ham shack overlooking the station
Aaron the Best Boy, Baz Producer and Cinematographer, Patty the Creative Director…
(Photo: Barry Becker)
A gathering of some of the station crew for the music videos standing by the gate
Gathering the posse
(Photo: Barry Becker)
Baz with his back towards the camera filming Dean driving the red buggy
(Photo: Barry Becker)
Dave standing in his red jacket
(Photo: Barry Becker)
The fire team Patty, Lionel, Chef Tony, Josh, Aaron and Greg in there gear in a line
Fire team - Patty, Lionel, Chef Tony, Josh, Dave, Aaron and Greg
(Photo: Barry Becker)
Macca group dressed as penguins playing instruments
Musical penguins
(Photo: Barry Becker)
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