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This week at Macquarie Island: 17 May 2013

MIPEP hunter Tom celebrates his birthday in the field this week. Let us have a look back at the style Tom brings to his working day on Macquarie Island.

Employed as a hunter, Tom spends his time searching for signs of the last rabbits on Macquarie Island. A number of skills are necessary to be an effective hunter on an island such as this. Firstly, it is imperative that you start the day with an accurate assessment of the weather conditions. Tom has discovered that it looks like it is snowing. "Perfect conditions to keep us from overheating walking up that hill" he cries. (He doesn’t cry – that was just a figure of speech - well maybe a little bit, but he says he had been cutting onions for a lasagne that evening). See the first photo below – Tom not crying, just assessing the weather.

Tom wearing a hat looking unhappy and wet standing outside in the rain. In the background is tussock and a mountainin
Tom outside Waterfall Bay hut. The day kicks off and Tom is…
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
Tom walking with his back towards the camera, making his way up the snowy caped Plateau. Tom is wearing his red pack.
Tom on the plateau looking south above Lusitania Bay
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
Tom standing on the top of a snowy hill wearing his yellow jacket,red pack and holding his walking stick. In the forefront is a one of the detection dogs called Flax he is a yeloow labrador retriever.
Tom and Flax. Fortunately Flax the Labrador is here to guide Tom…
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
Tom wearing his floppy hat and yellow jacket, sitting down with his feet proped up on his bags while he eats lunch
Tom is happy that he put extra chilli in the chilli sans…
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
Tom, Karen and dogs Fin, Ash and Flax working climbing up a hill
Tom, Karen and dogs Fin, Ash and Flax working above Hurd Point
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
Flax the dog in the forefront having a nap amongst the flowers and Tom standing in the back ground wearing his yellow jacket, back pack and holding his pole.
Tom and Flax
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
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