Refuelling, resupply and handover

This week at Macquarie Island: 15 March 2013

This week was exceptionally busy as the Aurora Australis was in port and at Macca for resupply. We transferred fuel for the station from the ship and then resupplied the field huts by helicopter.

Everything this year went according to plan and handover on Saturday night went smoothly with Narelle handing over to Mark, the new station leader.

When the ship left, the winter team retired to the mess for coffee and cake and are now well into their winter programs.

We are now on our own until November.

A team of expeditioners unloading boxes into a store room
Expeditioners unloading food in the green store
(Photo: Barry Becker)
A red and white helicopter carrying a suspended load
A helicopter with sling load
(Photo: Barry Becker)
A green hose stretching spanning an 800 metre distance across water to an orange ship
The fuel hose at the shore point
(Photo: Barry Becker)
Expeditioners pulling a large green fuel hose on a beach
Expeditioners handling the fuel hose
(Photo: Barry Becker)
Three red and white helicopters with a LARC in the foreground on a gravel beach area
Helicopters and LARCs on the isthmus
(Photo: Barry Becker)
A group of penguins walking
Penguins coming to assist
(Photo: Barry Becker)
A wet baby fur seal
A baby fur seal
(Photo: Barry Becker)
Red and white helicopters in the square at the centre of the station close to buildings
Helicopters in the market square
(Photo: Greg Bird)
Female station leader hands over to new male station leader infront of seated crowd of expeditioners
Former Station Leader Narelle Campbell hands over to the now current Station…
(Photo: Barry Becker)
Group of expeditioners on hill side outside small building
Moment of truth - the team at Ham shack as the ship…
(Photo: Barry Becker)