Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project

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This week at Macquarie Island: 15 February 2013

When Pete (2012 MIPEP Team Leader) departed station a few weeks ago Stephen was appointed to the position of 2013 MIPEP Team Leader. Stephen has been working as a dog handler with the MIPEP program since April 2012 and when offered the position and the opportunity to remain on the island for an additional six months to support the new team he jumped at the chance. Stephen’s background is in conservation and his eradication experience has mostly been gained within Fiordland National Park and around Southland in New Zealand, including offshore island work on stoats, weka and possums. Steve also spent two and a half years working on Codfish and Anchor Islands as a ranger with the Kakapo recovery program.

For anyone interested in the hours hunted last month (January) – the slightly smaller team put in a massive effort with a total of 1003 hours of hunting covering 2653 kms of terrain. Well done!

Two expeditioners on a steep slope, ocean in the background. Sunny day
Anna and Steve
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
Female expeditioner with her arms around a spring spaniel dog
Jaimie and Katie
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
Male expeditioner and his dog photo taken from a distance, rolling hills
Steve and Katie
(Photo: Stephen Horn)
Close up of female hunter smiling outdoors
(Photo: Cameron Walker)
Close up of bread scrolls, light purple icing on top
Sunday pastries at Hurd Point
(Photo: Cameron Walker)
Expeditioner hanging out the washing at one of the huts in a sunny day
Kelly putting out the washing at Brothers Point hut
(Photo: Cameron Walker)
Female expeditioner walking along a rocky beach covered in thick large kelp
Kelly on the beach
(Photo: Cameron Walker)
Female expeditioner looking at her cake, cake has a sparkler
Karen celebrating her birthday at Hurd Point hut
(Photo: Richard Dakin)
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