The darting champions

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This week at Macquarie Island: 14 June 2013

Below is the very exciting final 'Inter-station Championship Match' report between Macquarie Island and Davis on Friday evening, 7th June 2013.

After a thrilling set of preliminary rounds of inter-station darts, it all came down to a final matchup between the favourites Davis and the contenders, Macca. Our thanks go to Tim Kerr of Davis for organising this first and inaugural darts tournament between the stations.

The mood at Macca was electric, you could feel the tension at the bar as the dart points were sharpened and the beer caps flipped. Macca was ready.

First up were John and Dave taking on the might of Davis. John stunned the opposition, himself and the Macca supporters with a magnificent Shang of 20’s early in the game. There was no letting up as the Macca onslaught continued. John was steely handed and calm, punctuated with blistering deliveries. Dave producing more of his incredible high level consistency, as yet an unbeaten record in the tournament. This team of stars proved too much for Davis and Macca won deservedly, the score 284 to 186. The Macca supporters were stoked!

The second match, featuring Craig and the last minute replacement, Clive, started positively, and hopes were high. Initially it was dart for dart and point for point. However, an inexplicable mid-match slump in the Macca team led to a resurgence in confidence in the Davis Team. Macca fought back valiantly but were unable to staunch the tide of the unrelenting Davis attack. The Davis team, led by the tournament organiser Tim Kerr, finally came out on top, thus equalising the match at one victory each. The score was 162 to 47.

Rumours were rife that the Macca squad had thrown the match to force an exciting finale. However, an anonymous spokesperson for Craig and Clive vehemently denies that any money had changed hands.

The 3rd and final game promised to be a woozer. Final warm-ups completed, this was the match, the title match, the match to settle the bragging rights for a year. Chef Tony was supercharged, like a man possessed, and together with supercool-arrow-arm Aaron, they blitzed the opposition. The fans were barking out chants of “darts” “darts” “darts” every time the Macca duo hit the target. The tension reached a crescendo when, in the dying moments of the match, Tony delivered the throw of the match - with a triple bull! The crowd went wild and the air was thick with anticipation. Could it be us? Would it be them? Both sides only needing a double to win, it was now down to the line.

The audience was hushed - even Mark was hushed. Tony stepped up to the line, shuffled his foot, twitched his elbow and beady-eyed the board. Then, with superb precision and skill, our Chef Tony delivered a spectacular double 11 to lift the match, the series, the title and the championship. The score 139 to 102.

Macca went ballistic – CHAMPIONS!

Macca would like to thank all the participants in the tournament who sacrificed their Friday nights to come to the darts board, to play and have fun. The tournament highlights were the camaraderie and enthusiasm shown by all participants. Thanks guys! The Antarctic spirit lives on. 



Dave, Craig, Aaron, John, Chef Toy and  Clive the winning dart team standing together smilling and proud
The Unbeatables! Dave, Craig, Aaron, John, Chef Toy & Clive
(Photo: Clive Strouss)
Craig, Aaron, John, Chef Tony and Clive all celebrating holding Dave up
(Photo: Clive Strouss)
John, Tony, Dave Craig and Clive, cheering after they just won the Antarctic Darts final
Euphoria after winning the championship
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Craig and Marty (absent in the final) stending in front of the dart board after one of the preliminary match
Craig and Marty (absent in the final) after a preliminary match
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Dave and Mike (who filled in for an absent John) standing in front of the dart board and scoreboard, after one of the preliminary matches
Dave and Mike (who filled in for an absent John) after one…
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Craig, standing in front of the dart board. He is holding his three darts and has 'POWER' written on his arm.
Macca power
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
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