Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project

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This week at Macquarie Island: 11 January 2013

Not a lot of news from the hunters in the field this week other than everyone is enjoying the good weather and it’s nice to hike when the sun is out and you can remain ‘dry’. We have all come to realise what little time we have left on the island as the Aurora Australis will be at Macquarie Island early March and we’ll be back on the mainland mid to late March. Whilst everyone is very excited about seeing family and friends after 12 months away from home, we’re also keen to make the most of what little time we have left and visit those ‘special favourite locations’ on the island.  

Hunter walking down a steep grassy hill with two dogs
Karen, Ash and Finn
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Female expeditioner enjoying the views over the coast
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Female on the beach with thousands of royal penguins
Kelly with a few royal penguins
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Female expeditioner and her labrador walking up a steep gully
Karen and Finn on the West Coast
(Photo: Kelly Smith)
Female hunter with her dog in the tussocks
Dana and Joker
(Photo: Dana Boyte)
Bird swooping down on expeditioner in the field
Skua dive-bombing Dana
(Photo: Dana Boyte)
Springer Spaniel sitting with a group of gentoo penguins
Joker with gentoo penguins
(Photo: Dana Boyte)
Springer spaniel amongs the macquarie island cabbage
(Photo: Dana Boyte)
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