North Head

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This week at Macquarie Island: 10 May 2013

Finally, after several weeks of being home bound on station due to an injury, Patty set out for a stroll up to North Head. With Dave as her anchor, they climbed their way up the crest of the hill and on to the North Head plateau.The wind was up and it was a little bit moist but it felt good and the views were inspiring.

We visited and payed our respects at the memorial of John Windsor, Macquarie Island MET expeditioner who died on the 5th of January 1995.

Moving on up the track, we could see the remains of the first radio mast on North Head, now a stump! The mast was rigged and wenched up top on a flying fox in 1911 by Sir Douglas Mawson and his team.

Standing at the end of the walking track, we looked out to the four directions :Africa to our west, Tassie and Australia to the north, New Zealand and South America to our east and the Antarctic continent to our south.

We stopped for a snack at the radio shack and then made our way back down for a nice hot cuppa.

Dave wearing his red jacket and backpack at standing leaning on his walking pole at the top of North head with a view of Macquarie island with very low laying clouds and the ocean in the background.
Windy day
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Looking south from North Head in the forefront is tussock grass been blown by the wind in the background you see the mountains covered by clouds and the ocean
Looking south
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Patty in her yellow jacket holding her walking pole standing amongst tussock grass. In the back ground is the northern peninsula of the island the ocean and cloud cover
Looking out at the four directions
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
Dave stands frowning amongst the tussock grass holding his walking pole in the back is the north Peninsula of Macquarie Island the ocean and low laying cloud
Sad sack
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
David in his red jacket is holding his gloves he is standing next to the radio shack his bag is resting on a blue water tank the sack has antennas and in the back ground there are some cargo bins. In the forefront is a square made up of piping used to grow a specific plant for science.
Snack time
(Photo: Patty Villegas)
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