Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project

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This week at Macquarie Island: 1 February 2013

All hunters arrived back to station on Tuesday after another full month of walking every inch of the island. It was a successful month for the team despite having to battle many poor weather days but despite all this they have settled into the comforts of station life almost immediately and it's great to have them back.

The team will remain on station for a week then head down the island for the last month of hunting. The next time they are back on station their bags will be packed as they head home on the Aurora Australis. 12 months hunting - an awesome achievement by the hunting team.

The photos below were taken during the month of December.

Expeditioner walking along the coast with Royal penguins in the foreground
Kelly working on the east coast
(Photo: Dana Boyte)
Sitting side by side two king penguins and two dogs
Line up fellas! King penguins, Joker and Flax
(Photo: Dana Boyte)
White labrador drinking from a puddle
Flax feeling a little thristy
(Photo: Dana Boyte)
Female expeditioner instructs male hunter how to knit in a hut
Karen teaching Steve to knit
(Photo: Garry Shearsby)
Male expeditioner wearing a concerned look on his face finding it hard to learn to knit
Knitting does NOT come easy to Steve
(Photo: Garry Shearsby)
Bare legs from the knees to the feet looking a normal colour
Legs of a hunter before heading out for the day
(Photo: Garry Shearsby)
Photo of legs from the knees down looking very red and sore
Legs of a hunter after walking 25km over rough terrain
(Photo: Garry Shearsby)
Female expeditioner modeling black thermal trousers and top in a hut
Kelly drenched from head to toe after the outdoor shower failed
(Photo: Dave Seelye)
Expeditioner hunting along a slope
Kelly hunting
(Photo: Dave Seelye)
Two dogs in the foreground a grey/brown albatross sitting behind them
Tama, Wags and a light-mantled sooty albatross
(Photo: Dave Seelye)
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