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This week at Macquarie Island: 23 August 2013
This weeks gallery has images from around station, including the 'large boys' returning, the sunshine and a view from North Head. Josh also contributes some great pictures of his walk to the southern end of the island.
View along West Beach - taken from a low position showing in the foreground, the lichen covered pebbles above the high tide mark and the snow covered slopes of the escarpment in the background
West Beach
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
Surf at Caroline Cove, being windswept by an offshore breeze
Surf at Caroline Cove
(Photo: Josh Tomasetti)
View from the Overland track featuring Major Lake about six kilometres south of Green Gorge
Major Lake
(Photo: Josh Tomasetti)
Reflections in a wallow pond near the science building on station. The view is towards the south and one of the Magnetic quiet zone huts can be seen in the distance, while reflections of the tussock can be seen on both sides of the pond and the distant mist shrouded escarpment in the background
Reflections in a wallow
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
The return of the big boys - a large elephant seal seal with dark colouring, near the ANARE sat dome and Communications building
The return of the big boys
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
A large rock stack covered in patches of moss, outlined by the beautiful blue of the sky. There is patches of high, white cloud
Moss and sky
(Photo: Josh Tomasetti)
En route to Hurd Point - shows a view of the many snow covered hills and valleys on the way to Hurd Point
En route to Hurd Point
(Photo: Josh Tomasetti)
Craig, dressed in all the protective safety clothes, including goggles and gloves, releasing the large weather balloon with a ozone sonde attached. It is a bright sunny morning, highlighting the colours of the escarpment in the background
Release of the ozone sonde balloon
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
A large elephant seal lies on the rocky east beach. A little further up the beach a mottled silver and grey leopard seal can be seen.  The escarpment slopes to the beach in the background, with the Nuggets seen on the horizon
Two types of seals on east beach
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)
The rugged steep slopes of the escarpment meet with the sea in the southern part of the west coast. The jagged peaks of large rock stacks can be seen just offshore
Rugged southwestern coast
(Photo: Josh Tomasetti)
A photo taken underwater somewhere in the south of the island. It shows red coloured kelp clinging to a pink coloured rock face
(Photo: Josh Tomasetti)
View to the south from the Wireless Hill track. Aaron is foreground, negotiating the steep track. Behind him you can see the station and the isthmus and the escarpment up to the plateau in the background
View to the south from the Wireless Hill track
(Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker)